“What Mystics Feel, Sense, and Teach”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Mystics understand that everything they see on the material plane has nothing to do with reality. They come to understand that what they know in their heart is more real than what most people call the real world. What most people see as fleeting little things moving here and there… are what the Mystic sees quite clearly. A Mystic has raised himself above self-doubt. And thus a Mystic allows all the conditioning that he received as a child in order to fit into society to be negated… and he is free. Thus a true Mystic is a child of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Angels – Mystics see angels, and sometimes Mystics see true angelic beings with wings or light beings. At other times those angels can be little white lines of light that move here and there. And at other times those angels can be towering beings of light hundreds of feet tall that embrace and surround loved ones. It all depends on the Mystic as to what they see when they see angels. The true realm of God is all about personal experience.

In Touch With Their Body – Mystics have a big connection with their gut feelings. They know God talks to them in many different ways and because of that they listen to every little thing that goes on inside of them and around them. If some situation comes up… they automatically have a gut feeling about the situation. And they base their decisions on those gut feelings… never allowing their mind overrule their gut.

Nature Connection – Mystics notice all the connections they have to nature. Because they know that God talks to them through nature. If a humming bird come close to them they know that God, the Universe, and the One and Only is talking to them and saying how wonderful this is. If they see many honey bees flying around, they know harmony abounds, and that everyone and everything is connected to the Mystic flow of God.

Understand their Dreams – Mystics understand their dreams and they are in great gratitude to God for all their dreams. For they know that God talks to them in lots of different ways about life and what will come next. And it’s up to the Mystic to interpret and understand the divine nature of what God is telling the Mystic. Sometimes a dream is very convoluted, and at other times dreams are very straightforward, but Mystics know what God is trying to say. And then the Mystic goes out and lives life according to the dream… without any doubts of any kind.

Understands the Other Side – Mystics also know there are negative forces at work in the world, and he does not bury his head in the sand. A Mystic knows that all that is in the light, is also in the dark, and that darkness is always trying to create havoc. A Mystic sees the world of shadows and negative entities that move here and there. Thus the Mystic knows he has to work harder to bring more light into the world thus overcoming all darkness. Many people don’t want to know about negative energies, and will not listen, but a Mystic knows about them, but doesn’t dwell on them… he dwells on the light.

Knows How to Help – A Mystic knows how to help those who are suffering. He sends them prays, light, love, and healing. He also sends them wisdom to find their way, thus God is able to create healing from within. To give a starving man a fish only helps a man survive for one meal. But showing a man how to connect to the divine wisdom of the Universe is very powerful. Divine wisdom will show a man how to find fish, how to go about fishing for those fish, and how to cook the fish, and thus that man is connect to true wisdom… that will help him through out all eternity.

Everything Happens for a Reason – A Mystic knows that everything happens for divine reasons. Most people are unable to see the divine connection of all event, but a Mystic will see everything. And thus a Mystic does not allow what goes on in the world to bother him because “It is— as it’s supposed to be— Divine Will”. Thus a true Mystic surrenders… to that which is All Knowing and Omnipresent and has our greatest spiritual growth in mind at all times.

And because of all this the Mystic knows what to do in order to make a difference in the world. It’s more than just mere words, it’s more than just feelings, it’s more than simple acts of kindness. It runs much deeper than that, everything is synchronized with the divine clock of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

All is as it should be!

Dr. Paul Haider




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