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It’s important that we move 18 inches from our head to our heart. Lots of people have had terrible experiences in their life time and because of that they turn off their feelings in order to survive. But if we turn off one feeling we turn off all feelings and thus we loss touch with love, surrender, peace, contentment, and bliss. Life is made to be lived from the heart, not constantly thinking all the time, but loving all the time. Even loving the pain, the suffering, and all that life bring us because we have many lessons to learn along the way… until the time we go back and combine with the light of love in ecstasy once again.

Feel the Pain

It’s important that we live life feeling all the pain and suffering that comes to us everyday. And to finally feel all the pain that we shut out of our life when we decided to shut off our feelings. Feelings are essential to life, and without them we can never find true joy and happiness. We cannot understand joy without sadness, because one is part of the other, the yin within the yang, they must come full circle. Feel the pain, sadness, anger, and other emotions until they are completely done with. Sometimes that means crying our eyes out, getting rid of anger in a safe way like throwing bathroom tissue across the room or throwing rocks at the fence, yelling in the car at night… and many more ways. And once this is accomplished joy and happiness starts to filter in and eventually great peace takes over.


It’s vitally important that we forgive the other person and forgive ourselves for all that’s transpired in our life time and sometimes many lifetimes. This is a two fold process, the first step is for ourselves so that we are free, no longer held prisoner by our mind. Because if we never express those feelings, and forgive, those feelings will come back. Forgiveness is the key! It’s not about the other person not being held responsible for their actions… it’s about allowing ourselves to be free. Free to love and free to feel again. And many times we have regrets about the past and those too must be forgiven, so that we can move forward in life, otherwise we stagnate and never accomplish our purpose.


It’s essential that we forget the past and live life in the here and now. If we’re unable to forget the past, it means we have not forgiven. If the past keeps coming up, we are trapped in a cyclic condensation of anger or sadness coming to the surface and falling like rain into our life. It’s only with forgetting the whole thing, and not allowing it to be on the tip tongue that we finally let go of the past… and find peace. For some people this is very difficult because they want to stay attached to the pain. Because that pain becomes who they are, and what their life is all about. But that is not truly being alive and free… free to aspire to anything. Without forgetting the bodily changes and all kinds of diseases take over because of anger, fear, and sadness. Personally I’ve seen people never forgive, and come right out and say they can never forgive that person for what they did. Or they can never forgive themselves for what happened. And thus they come down with cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, and much more. And it’s not like it’s not part of our past, that experience will always be part of who we are. But we no longer wear that part of our life as being the most important aspect of our being.

Move On

It’s important that we move on with life, and create new opportunities. The past is over and great things await, and it’s up to us to move forward in life. We never know what to do next, we just take one step, and make a decision, and take another step and make another decision… one step at a time.

Create Happiness

It takes a daily commitment to create true peace, love, and bliss in our lives. If we keep waiting for the world to bring us these things, we will wait for very long time. We have to create that love, that peace, that bliss and do it in a way that’s not connected to any one or any thing. Sometimes it’s about looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves how much we love life. And it’s also saying “I Love You” to the one we see in the mirror, not in a narcissistic way, but with a true God like love and caring for the person we see in the mirror. And sometimes this means going out of our way to make our day just a little bit brighter. This could be as simple as calling a friend and chatting for a few minutes, or taking a break and reading some poetry. It really doesn’t take much to lift our spirits… it just takes a commitment.

Love God

It’s important that we see everything and everyone as God. Because all these people who are part of the grand scheme of things are bringing us powerful lessons to be learned. Wonderful lessons that will change our life forever. For they are all part of God, the Universe, and the One and Only and thus we have much to take in. And it’s important to pay homage to God for bringing us lessons even when many of them are hard. But the Universe has our greatest benefit in mind, our greatest possibility for spiritual growth. And thus we are the seed and “He” will bring the sunlight (joy), the rain (emotions), and even the fertilizer (hardships) that will make us grow and bloom.

Live Now

It’s important that we live life in the present moment with joy. Tomorrow is already done and over with, and there is nothing we can do about the past. Tomorrow will come soon enough, this very moment that we have now creates our past, and will change what we have in the future. So it’s extremely important to live life in the here-and-now. Not with sadness, but with joy, for today is a true gift, and once we accept that gift… everything changes.

Live With Purpose

The purpose of everyone life is to go out and help those who are suffering… this has been written in spiritual texts down through the ages. And thus we are to make a difference. How our purpose plays out is up to us. That is why we have free choice to create our purpose in whatever way we decide to use. This takes experimentation, and the ability to find the good in all things. Many times we will fail, but it’s not how many times we fail, it’s how many times we try to make a difference. And this is what many people have a hard time understanding, because they don’t see how many people they have helped in amazing ways. So getting up one more time and making it happen again… is all that counts.

Be Selfless

It’s important to live our purpose with selflessness. It’s not about what we get that’s important, it’s about what we give that’s important. And when we give, we garner more than anyone, because giving from the heart comes back to us a thousand fold. Ask anyone who has ever ran into a burning building to pull someone from a fire, or someone willing to sit down with a beggar and listen. Or someone who helps a child in some way… they all feel great because they tried to make a difference. This is what Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and many others thrived on… making a difference.

Have Gratitude

Having great gratitude for everything including all pain and suffering is one of the keys to having a great life. If we are always look at suffering from the point of view that suffering is bad, and that no one should go through this, we will never grow as human beings. But when we can get to the point of understanding our suffering and having gratitude for that suffering… then surrender and peace settle in. It’s like changing the glasses we wear and finally understanding the interconnection of everything.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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