“Our Minds are Being influenced”

“And What We Can Do About It”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1If a person goes to a party and starts coughing, they will notice many other people around them start coughing or start to clear their throats. Or if a person scratches their nose within minutes lots of other people are scratching their nose and face.

Why is that?

There is a funny saying “Monkey See, Monkey Do” and for sure we have been conditioned in this very same way. We think we are free, untethered in any way, shape, or form. But the reality is… we have very little freedom until we set ourselves free from all the mind conditioning we are exposed too.

Even subliminal messages were used in theaters to sell more popcorn and soda at concession stands, with a 60% increase in the sales of these products. Just a brief flash of a photo of fresh popcorn and soda enticed people to buy. And this was investigated and it was found to be very true, what we see fleetingly influences our mind in amazing ways.

The same goes for advertising on TV, billboards, hearing something on the radio, and the list goes on forever. Every single thing we are exposed too has a powerful impact on who we are, and what we do. This can be a good thing, thus helping to create a more powerful person with steadfast character. And at other times this can bring about the opposite, which eventually leads to move in the wrong direction… away from light, love, and peace… and away from our spiritual roots.

I personally happened to walk into someone’s house and they had their TV set going and with closed captioning on… the TV programs started with hard-rock music. And I could not make out the words in the music but the closed captioning said, “Run it’s the cops, kill the cops” and I was taken back and told my friends—“Did you see what that music is saying—that’s not good”.

We have a society that has become unbalanced, because we are infiltrating the minds of everyone, with little things that most people don’t even think about. And even the TV stations, radio stations, and other influencing media don’t even know what they are doing. It’s all innocent in one way, and not in another, and it’s not some kind of grand conspiracy… it’s just the way things are.

From a God, the Universe, and the One and Only point of view it’s time for us to take control of what we are influenced by. Every single thing we interact with, every person we talk too, every program we watch on TV, every movie we watch, every billboard we see, even the news we watch has a powerful impact on who we are and what we do. And thus it’s up to us as individuals to place boundaries around these areas. And try as much as possible to keep influences like this to a minimum.

And meditation is also important. Because meditation slows down our mind giving it a rest, thus lots of the emotional junk data that we pick up is discarded like on computers. Plus contemplation is important— where we go inside and ask ourselves why am I feeling this way, and allow ourselves to find some concrete answers… and then letting those feelings fade away.

And chanting God’s Name is also very powerful, and silently saying God’s Name over and over again also keeps negative influences out of our mind. Prayer is also great, and being in the silence in nature is amazing to revive and reboot our mind.

It’s time we took back our power. It’s time we took control of all the little things that we don’t even have a clue about… which are influencing our mind on a daily basis. Society is all about selling, society is about making money, and some aspects of society in many instances is running amuck, people are getting out of control, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose control.

We can filter out what we don’t want with the power of choice, the greatest gift of all. Choosing what we are influenced by can make all the difference in the world. All we have to do is decide… how we are going to limit our exposure and how to negate all those negative influences.

By the way— I have a cardinal rule that I live by, I never watch TV, and I only watch movies that are uplifting and full of light — the power of choice.

We all have the power and the means to overcome all negative influences.

Dr. Paul Haider





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