“10 Powerful Aspects of Peace”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Peace is a simple word, but at the same time that word peace means many different things from a spiritual perspective. Here are just a few aspects of what peace is all about.

First peace is the ability for someone to comprehend what are another is feeling. Peace opens our heart so we can feel what someone else is feeling thus we can finally come to a place of total acceptance as to what the other person is all about. Without this opening of the heart… there can be no divine connection. Love cannot flourish in a closed heart, and that’s one of the main reasons we have so many challenges in this day and age. And that also means we are about to enter a time of long standing peace, because things are changing.

Secondly peace allows us to walk in the foot steps of another and understand what they have been through. Thus we have compassion for their suffering. And when we have compassion, we see the other person in a different light, because we can understand their trials and tribulations in life.

Next peace allows tenderness to filter in, and tenderness is warmth, tenderness is kindness, and tenderness is love. And love is the quintessential aspect of peace. Without peace there is no love, and without love there is no peace. Thus peace and love go hand in hand… healing the world one person at a time.

Peace brings about respect. And that respect grows into wanting to see other people thrive, because they too deserve to have a wonderful life. And thus there is a great understanding and fondness which grows between people who respect one another… which is the beginning of a whole new way of living.

Peace is benevolent, and being benevolent means we always wanting to do that which is good and just. Peace allows us to open our heart, and love opens our mind, and thus we can surrender and start helping those in need. Thus we no longer look for profits, money, and status as important, but find nurturing all life on the planet including every soul as our true purpose.

Peace fills our heart with the ability to care for others and thus we learn to listen. And listening with a open heart allows friendship to flourish. Thus from peace, to caring, to friendship, we move alone the path of divine love. Dissolving away the past, and allowing what we have right now in this present moment to thrive.

Peace brings about goodwill towards all. We let go of all ills of the past, leaving them behind… never to be brought to mind again. Thus peace brings about charity for those who are in need. And we start thinking about others more than we about ourselves. Thus selflessness takes root in the soil of peace.

Peace creates a yearning for everything to be different. We no longer want the status quo, we want things to be better than that. Thus we move towards building a whole new world. A world we dreamt about as a child, and kept hidden from the everyone because we were afraid… afraid it would never come true.

Peace builds devotion, and from that devotion a foundation of love is created. A strong foundation that supports our personal growth and expansion of our heart. Thus with time we finally see everything from all points of view, and we let go of all black and white thinking… and see only shades of gray.

Peace is the basis of all inspiration. For peace allows our dreams to expand and encompass all possibilities… thus everything comes to fruition.

With these 10 powerful aspects of peace everything on this planet would change. Everyone would work together in harmony, love would thrive, the planet would heal, and every challenge mankind has right now would disappear. Because all challenges no matter how hard… would be resolved as a group with powerful solidarity.

But most of all with great love, love that heals the world one person at a time. Because love is the most powerful force in the Universe. And peace is more than just peace between two nations or even two people, peace is a spiritual connection between God, the Universe, and the One and Only and ourselves. Without peace in our hearts there is no way to find our way home, and take our rightful place with all those who have come before to heal the world.

And thus instead of aspiring for a long prosperous life, we aspire to become divinity… and the Cosmos thrives in harmony.

Dr. Paul Haider





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