“Dr. Issam Nemeh, John of God, and other Healers”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1There are many great healers around the world that do spiritual healing of the mind, body, and spirit. They all do this for free, and they have healed thousands of people, and there are so many testimonials to these miracles. Here are just a few examples of people who are spiritual healers around the world.

Once a woman came to a spiritual teacher because she wanted answers as to why she was ill all the time. She had tension headaches that seemed like migraines, she was irritable all the time, her immune system was depressed, and she was in constant pain. She had gone to every doctor she could find… but not a single thing could be found to help her.

When in the presence of the teacher she asked for him to look at her aura, and within that explosion of color there was an entity that was attached to her. This dark energy was always with her. And because she had exhausted all the medical possibilities the spiritual teacher told her she had to do some specific spiritual cleansing to set herself free.

So she preceded to do many different types of spiritual cleansing such as going for a dip in the ocean, grounding in soil, and silently saying the name of God over and over again. Within a week all of her symptoms including her headaches, irritability, and pain disappeared.

The famous Dr. Issam Nemeh in Cleveland, OH talks about the fact that when we are ill there are specific thoughts that to be cleared away in order for us to be free of dis-ease. And Dr. Nemeh has healed thousands of people with prayer. His miraculous healing’s have been so impressive that he was even on the Dr. Oz show on TV with X-Rays showing miracle recoveries that defy logical explanation. Dr. Nemeh is also a medical anesthesiologist, and he does all his healing’s for free, and he can be found on the internet. He appears at different churches in the greater Cleveland area doing healing.

And there is John of God, in Brazil, who does amazing healing’s and even surgery without aesthetic, without pain, without any blood loss, and the person is completely aware. Even doctors have gone to see these miracles happen before their eyes and become total believers. Take for instance Dr. Wayne Dyer who went to see John of God and he was healed of cancer. Dr. Dyer said it was one single thought that needed to be healed in order to have his cancer disappear. John of God does his healing at Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil, with over 300 people a day coming to see him. There was even a medical doctor who had colon cancer and he was schedule to have surgery to remove the cancer, but he mailed a letter to John of God asking for spiritual healing. And when he went to surgery they right away noticed that a previous surgery had already taken place, and that he was already completely healed of his cancer.

Then there was Neem Karoli Baba who was a great guru and a powerful healer. One day a father brought his son to see the guru because he had stomach problems. And Baba picked up a banana that someone had brought as an offering to him and told the father “Have him eat this” and from that point on the son never had another stomach problem. It was that simple, yet it was very profound.

And a friend of mine who also does healing had a case where a woman had a cyst on her ovary. And this lady healer had her lay down on a table, and placed her hands on the woman’s abdomen, and with great conviction asked “Oh God, please allow this woman to be healed” and with those words fluid started pouring out of her womb and she was healed. She even went to her doctor and had another MRI scan done and cyst was gone. It was also a single thought that did the healing… for she had an issue about intimacy and things that took place in the past had to be healed.

All of these healers say it’s is not them that do the healing, it’s spirit, God, the Universe, and the One and Only that heals… and they are just instruments. And there are many other people who do this type of healing, but there are also those who balk at spiritual healing and say it’s all a trick. Yet those who have been healed know the truth. They know we are all one in the light of truth. That we are all light within the light of love, and that we are all one with God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

We are all one consciousness, and we are all entangled minds, and what one thinks and does can change everything, because we are entangled mind, body, and spirit.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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