“The Spiritual Maturation of Mankind”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1There is a young couple who are very loving and kind, and have such a positive attitude about life. Mankind could learn a lot from this young couple. Here are a few aspects this couple embodies that are important for the maturation of mankind.

Pureness – To be pure is to be uncontaminated by society. To see everything in the light of goodness, allowing the mind to be untainted by all that goes on around us. To be noble, to be ethical, and to be honorable in all ways. To be wholesome with a heart that’s full of peace, and having an understanding that all things happen for a reason. It’s being innocent, and knowing that the world is still pure, allows one to see the good in everyone no matter what they have done. Pureness is the opposite of being judgmental, and pureness allows things to unfold according to the great plan. To allow little boys and girls to have their time of innocence allows them to create a space for love.

Light – To be full of light is to be light hearted, full of laughter, able to enjoy life no matter what the world has to offer. To be full of light is to be full of enlightenment, wisdom, and the ability to comprehend what most are unable to fathom. It’s also the ability to open dark clouds and see only light instead of rain, which leads to being constantly happy. It’s about being a light in the darkness that shines bright, thus helping others find their way… even when all seems lost.

Love –  To love even when it may not seem like the right thing to do. To stand up and choose to be loving and kind even when all seems doomed. To care about others so much that one is willing to undergo ridicule and isolation just because they are willing to stand up for love. To love without boundaries is to not allow the past to influence the here-and-now. Thus allowing love to flourish even when there seems to be very little light in the world. To hug and hold close those who need warmth, to sit and listen, and be willing to help the hopeless. That is true love!

Eyes of Hope – To be able to look out on a terrible scene and still see the possibilities for what can be done to make it better. To be willing to wash the feet of a beggar and know that this man too deserves love just like everyone else. To see an irrational crowd that is full of hatred, and know deep down inside that there’s love in each and every heart. To take what which seems hopeless, and with great intention create hope… thus allowing light to spring eternal in the heart of mankind. To be willing to see the worst, but still cling to the fact that mankind’s real nature is love.

Never Give Up – To be willing to undertake that which will fail in the short run, knowing that eventually everything will succeed in the long run. Perseverance is the name of the game, that no matter what the odds… if it’s the right thing to do, it’s worth doing. And when people are unkind and call names and say they are crazy… they just smile and love even more.

Making a Difference – They are able to sleep well at night knowing that doing the right thing will make a difference. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but eventually their efforts will change the reality we live in. That great knowledge drives them forward… allowing them to get up every day and do it all over again. Because they have great faith in God, the Universe, and the One and Only… true blind faith.

May mankind take up these ways of living and change life on this planet forever, just like this young couple who is doing this work now.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider










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