“Divine People Who Walk Towards the Sun”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1If we walk away from the sun we see our shadow. And if we keep running after our shadow we never catch up with it… it’s elusive. But if we turn towards the sun the shadows disappear, and we bask in the warmth of the sun. If a man is constantly wanting money, success, and status all of these things impermanent… thus they are like shadows that come and go. At one point we think we have everything, then a second later something happens and we have nothing. That’s what Maya (The World) is all about, trying to entices us away from truth and love. Here are a few divine people who walk towards the sun.

Take for instance Divine Mother Amma. She is the famous hugging guru… she will sit and hug 40 to 70 thousand people a day, without breaks, without getting up to used the bathroom, nothing, she sits there until everyone single person has been hugged. She has no need for money, but she has a huge heart that gives off powerful feelings of love. People waiting for her arrival start to cry just before she enters the room. Not because of sadness, but because of the great aura of unconditional love that Amma gives off. An all encompassing love that most people have never experienced. When I hugged Divine Mother Amma and it’s amazing.

Then there is Siri Siri Ravi Shankar, he too has no use for money. He lives in an ashram in India and travels the world talking about love and teaching people to find inner peace. And if you give him a hug it’s like he’s not there, it’s as though you are hugging air, because he lives on a different plane, a plane of great peace, love, and contentment. When I hugged this divine man I knew right away he was divinity.

And Ramana Maharshi was also a divine soul. He would meditate for hours, even days, and months at a time, and he had no use for money at all. And when he was around animals would flock to him in droves. Animals loved to be in his presence, he even had a cow that stayed with him for years. And people would come in droves to be around Ramana because his aura was nothing but peace and love… and people where attracted to that peace, because they wanted to feel that way all the time.

Sai Baba was another guru who was full of peace and had no use for money. But if people did send money it would be put to good use in helping people with free hospitals and other ways of caring for the ill. People would travel from all over the world to be in Sai Babas presence. Sometimes people did not know why they were attracted to him, but there was something about him that was special and they needed to be around him. And thousands up on thousands of people would be sitting to see the master. Some would travel great distances and be sitting hundreds of yards back from the master. And for some reason they would be moved up until they were sitting in the front row… and Sai Baba would say “What took you so long to get here” and they would burst into tears.

Parmahansa Yogananda was another guru who had no need for money. And people would be attracted to him from all over the world. And there was a sense of peace around him that was hard to describe. A feeling of great contentment, a feeling of pure love that is very hard to find. When Parmahansa Yogananda died and before his body was taken to be embalmed, his body was viewed for a week. But there was no breakdown of the tissues of his body, no smell, in fact there was a sweet smell in the air that people did not understand. Even the undertakers who did the embalming could not make sense of why his body did not deteriorate… he was a true living saint.

It’s time for man to turn away from the shadows, time to turn away from those things which are impermanent and walk towards the sun. We’ve had many divine  saints and guru’s come our way in that last 100 years… it’s time for us to follow their lead and walk into the sun.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider







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