“6 Great Spiritual Leaders Who Taught Love”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Here are 6 great spiritual people who changed life on our planet forever. They all came with a similar message, with love in their heart to guide people to creating love, peace, and contentment for all of humanity.

Jesus – Jesus came along when their was so much violence in the world that there needed to be someone who would teach about love and help those where were suffering. He taught about love and that living life with love as the most important aspect of being alive. He also taught selflessness and giving, and uplifting the masses that needed hope. Jesus taught that everything would work out if we only had faith. And if we are humble, and lived life full of love and truth we would have great bliss. And countless other teachings that changed life including teaching people not to judge.

Buddha – Buddha was a great psychologist, in fact Buddha was the first person to teach us how to deal with our mind. Buddha taught that our desires cause our suffering. And that when we let go of desires we find inner peace. He also taught that we should search for truth inside, instead of looking to the world for truth. And he also taught how all suffering could ended… if we started looking inwardly for peace, contentment, and compassion, through the use of meditation and contemplation… and many more great teachings.

Krishna – Krishna came to tell people about karma, about ending suffering, playing our part in the world with love… and being at peace. He talked that everything happening for a reason, that there is a cosmic process going on that must be played out. He taught that divine truth was all that was important, and that our life was an illusion… and that life on the other side of the veil was our true life with God… and many more important teachings.

Lao Tzu – Lao Tzu talked about the Way and the 10,000 things. He also talked about contentment, oneness, being the observer, and following truth. Lao Tzu also talked about being calm, being in harmony with nature and all things, about bending instead of breaking, and the simplicity of all things… plus self mastery and wisdom which is most important. He also talked about living life with moderation, the need for silence, being at peace, and flowing like water. And he taught about knowing when enough is enough, when to stop, and going beyond harshness and yielding in order to gain… thus all that Lao Tzu brings to us creates a loving life.

Guru Nanak – Guru Nanak was another great spiritual leader that taught about love. He talked about contentment, love, peace, and truth. And Guru Nanak talked about equality for all people, doing what was right, and being positive. He talked about accepting God’s will, about giving, helping the poor, sharing with humanity, and equality for all human beings on the planet no matter how poor they were or what part of society they were from. Plus he encouraged family life, living and eating simply, and nurturing everyone without discrimination. Guru Nanak also taught about living with truth, mediation, chanting, and being totally in gratitude to God at all times… and much more.

Paramahansa Yogananda – Paramahansa Yogananda was a great yogi from India who from the time he was very young knew he would talk our spirituality. Paramahansa Yogananda taught about being loving, caring, and having compassion. And the great guru also brought together the teachings of the east and merge them with the great traditions of the west. He also taught that individual experience was important when it comes to spirituality. Paramahansa Yogananda was a man full of tenderness, love, and compassion which flowed from his very being. And thus his words taught everyone about love, meditation, and spiritual truth… and much more.

And there are so many more great spiritual leaders who have come down through ages to enlighten us. They had similar yet different messages, that fit the culture they lived in… but were universal teachings that inspire humanity even today. And right now we have countless great spiritual leaders living with us right now, that are helping us to understand about love. For we are love, we are truth, we are kindness, compassion, and bliss.

All we have to do is remember what the great spiritual leaders came to teach, and thus live our lives as a powerful example that will inspire others… thus all wars will end, and life on this planet will change.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider







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