“The Cosmic Law of Action and Reaction”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1For every action there is a reaction, for every movement there is a countering movement, and so there must be a countering force for everything in the Universe. This is the natural law which God, the Universe, and the One and Only has put into place. Nothing is separate from these natural laws… yet most people think that the Creator fulfills every wish and whim, but if we understand this law we can heal everything on this planet.

It is a misconception which has brought about the downfall of all those who think that everything will be given freely… and in a way everything is given freely. But for a man to be paid, he must first work, for grain to be reaped it has to first be sown… and thus this process goes off into the far reaches of the multiverse. This law is also part of the entanglement of matter, anything which changes here will change there… even if it is thousands of miles away. Scientific studies entangled matter have been done over and over again with the same results… thus all entangled matter has a give and take.

We also have entangled minds, and if we ask for this or that, there is a need for spiritual effort on our part to make this happen… which is called Faith. Faith is the other side of the Yin and Yang, the positive and the negative. When we ask for something we creates a void, a negative, and so that void must be filled with that which is a spiritual positive… FAITH. Give and take is all part of the grand process, it’s impossible for one to be fulfilled without the other.

If we ask for money to help during times of need, it will not be dropped in our laps without the negative void being balanced out with the positive vibration of Faith. If we ask for lots of wonderful figs to grow on our fig trees, they will come with our efforts to till the soil, add nutrients, and water the trees which is also called “Love”. Thus when we give positive spiritual effort towards growth “Love”, and our spiritual faith (Love)… great changes happen.

We spiritually ask for something, something is given in return… in order to appease the law of spiritual fulfillment. And it’s important to see everything as a living being, it’s all God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Everything is the body and soul of God. Thus we plant our trees in the soil of God, and we plant our thoughts in the rich soul of the Universe (God). This goes back to the great spiritual understandings of the Native Americans, who understood that everything was the Great Creator.

And thus it’s also important to give, because whenever we give, we give to the the Great Creator, God, and the One and Only. And thus when we give, a positive vibration is put out into the Universe. And automatically that which needs that positive vibration… be it a person, an bit of material matter, or a thought, that energy is assimilated and thus the energy fills the void of the need which is the negative. Thus all things are constantly in a positive (Action) and negative (Reaction) flow.

But when a person keeps asking, asking, and asking for everything all the time. And there is no effort put into place to create a positive flow, a negative tally is created because there is no faith. It’s important that love (And Love is Faith — and Faith is Love) be given in order to keep the flow of Universal abundance moving. Love creates Love, and Giving creates Giving, and thus the flow of energy which is both positive and negative… nurtures our soul. One is given, and the other is absorbed with FAITH, it’s all Creation, and the Great Creator in the end.

We have the power to heal this world by putting in more Love which is also Faith. We can heal this world by Giving more of whatever we have… which is also Love. The great cosmic law is very simple yet very complex, but it’s important that we understand this great cosmic law of the Universe. And thus we can heal all ills on the planet and every single being that lives upon the planet. That is our purpose… to love and to give, and thus keep the flow of Universal Abundance flowing for all eternity.

If we go out and Love, if we Go out and Give… we can heal everything.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider







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