“Life’s Little Tests – They are All Important”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1We have many tests that we go through during our life. Many of them are run of the mill tests that everyone must go through such as:

Eye Exams – All of us have had our eyes examined to see if we have good vision or not. And then to have glasses made to fit our needs so we can see the world.

School Entrance Exams – All of us have to take our tests at school to see how we are doing. This is a tool that teachers use to check on our progress and our learning capabilities.

Drivers Test – Everyone that drives must take a drives test to find out if they have the capability of being a safe driver.

Then there are spiritual tests that keep us on our toes such as:

Losing a Loved One – The loss of a loved one can be a huge test. It’s a test of our ability to love, and also let go, and allow the loved one to move to the light of bliss. It’s not easy, some get caught up in the process and grieving forever. Still others come down with dis-eases caused by their long term grieving. Yet most are able to move to the other side of the grieving process by moving through all of stages of grief and finding their way to God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Doubting Our Power – There are also times when we are down and out and have great doubts about our power to move forward. Sometimes this is precipitated by financial or emotional traumas that happened throughout life. And this kind of test is very important for building character. In fact God, the Universe, and the One and Only puts these tests before us to see how we will react. And thus we gather strength to go on and become more powerful. God, the Universe, and the One and Only is not in our life to make all of our challenges disappear. On the contrary the Universe puts challenges in our life so that we grow… and thus take on the strength that is our divine right… as God with God.

Not Taking Care of the Temple – For some people taking care of their temple (body) becomes a true test. Not only for their body but also for the spiritual emotional connection to their higher power. We are given particular bodily challenges that we either grow spiritually from… or not. Some come to this life with the idea that they will be happy go lucky, and eat and drink anything… and have a short life. And that’s great for what they want from this life… and that fulfills their purpose. But for others they learn that they have a challenge ahead of them, and they reach out and grab the brass ring and take on the challenge. And thus they learn to take care of their temple and grow stronger in their faith and wisdom.

The Great Test of Faith – Probably the greatest test of all is that of faith. Sooner or later many people find their Higher Power, their connection to the Universe, and the One and Only. And at some point in their life they develop doubts about their power… and that’s only natural. Without these doubts, we never heal the cracks in the wall of faith, and place a mending agent on cracks that make which makes our faith strong. Without these great tests of faith sooner or later something will come along and knock down our wall… that’s only natural. But with great tests our faith becomes unshakable and unstoppable. In fact God, the Universe, and the One and Only places these tests before… us to see how we will react.

All of these tests, be it the common ones, and the spiritual tests, all create the path we will walk down during our life time. They are all important, they all make us aware that we are spiritual beings living in a flesh and blood body… and that we have great power that is beyond understanding.

It’s important that we look at all of these great tests with gratitude, love, and affection, because all of them allow us to grow spiritually.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider






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