“8 Simple Steps to Amplify the Power of Love”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1When we look at our neighbor do we see Divinity? Do we assume the best about our neighbor and see our neighbor through the light of Love? And if that neighbor creates a ruckus and keeps the community up all night do we still see Divinity? It’s easy to get mad and think terrible thoughts when our neighbors are causing problems. But how do we amplify our power of love and thus create changes in our community, thus having a more loving and kind atmosphere to live in… it is possible.

It’s kind of like sitting down on the edge of the road and throwing pebbles into a small pond. Little pebbles creates barely perceptible ripples, but large stones create large waves that move all the way to the edge of the pond. Thus the same goes for small loving thoughts that ripple only for a second out into the multiverse creating good karma. But big stones of anger ripple out to the far reaches of the multiverse creating huge negative changes in our karma. Thus it takes lots of little ripples of good thoughts to ripple enough to make up for very large negative karma events.

Groups of people in communities also create ripples of good karma and negative karma. If people come together in loving caring ways, thinking only of helping others and making a difference in the lives of others… ripples of good karma are created. But if people come together in large numbers with hate and anger in their mind those thoughts are amplified by the powerful emotions to the point that those ripples on the pond of the collective conscious wipeout all of the positive karma in the area.

Very few people put as much emotion into love as they do anger and hate. But those who do put power into love such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and many more avatars create ripples on the collective conscious that wipes out all the negative karma in the area.

Here are eight simple steps which amplify love:

First – Do a mind cleansing meditation of concentrating on breathing which removes all negative emotions from our being.

Second – In your minds eye it’s important to remember a special event that was  so amazingly loving and powerful that still lingers in your mind. Feel those feelings, see the images, and move into the picture as thought you were reliving the whole experience.

Third – Feel the joy, feel the love, and now see 2 images of yourself feeling that powerful love and joy.

Fourth – Now see not only two images of your self, but 100 images of yourself all engrossed in the power of those loving, caring, feelings.

Fifth – Then see not just 100 images of yourself, but 1000 images of yourself, all of which are feeling those powerful feelings of love and joy.

Sixth – Now take all 1000 images of yourself feeling empowered with love and joy, and bring all that love back into your body… and see that love fill your body with the white light of love.

Seventh – Then take a deep breath in, and breath out, and with that out breath allow all the extra love from the 999 multiple images of yourself to expand forth into the multiverse as white light rippling across collective conscious of mankind. Create an explosion of love which is white light that goes on forever interacting with everyone.

Eighth – Now remind yourself that we are what we image ourselves to be, and our thoughts are powerful… they can change everything in the multiverse.

Repeat this process daily, and within a few days life will start to change in wonderful ways. People in the area will seem to become more loving and kind and interested in helping people. Neighbors will start take on a whole new light, and a feeling of great peace will filter into neighborhood. Kids will start playing on the streets, more people will be walking their dogs, and people will start smiling again. Neighbors will start inviting people over for dinner, and life will take on a whole new level of brightness, joy, and love, and feeling of renewal will be expressed in every aspect of the community.

It’s important that we use this process daily because the world needs more joy, the world needs more love, and our communities need to be revitalized, and it all begins with the one we see in the mirror…. WE CAN DO IT!

Dr. Paul Haider





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