“Wakeup Calls are Taking Place on the Planet”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Lately there have been many huge wakeup calls for millions of people all over the globe. Some are listening and waking up, still others are slumbering, yet all are coming to great understand that spirit is trying to get their attention. Right now we are living in a period of time where spirit is trying to wake us up.

Take for instance this true story:

Right now there are more people getting hooked on drugs than ever before… and there is a teenager who fell into the trap of getting in with the wrong crowd and drugs. He thought he knew everything there was to know about drugs, and was too smart to become addicted. But he ended up in the emergency room and almost died of a drug overdose. And his parents right placed him in a rehab program and during the whole process he did a 180 degree turn around and became very spiritual.

Now this teenager is praying, going to church, and asking his mother and father to go to church with him. He had a very powerful change of heart, and now he sees life in a totally different way… and his heart is full of love.

Another true story:

Another person started drinking, and over the last 5 years his drinking has grown into a full blown addiction. In fact he gave up eating food and would only drink beer, wine, and then he started drinking vodka. He would stagger around and fall down and he would refuse to eat anything, in fact he said he wanted to die. And every month he would send away all of his paycheck to his grown kids… and live in a shanty that’s falling apart. In fact he became so drunk he could not walk, so he started manipulating people to buy is alcohol for him.

Finally one of his relatives put him in the hospital for 10 days to dry out. And during his time at the hospital all the staff loved him, because he was always joking and making people laugh, in fact his mother even said that everyone loved him. Yet the most important person that he needs love from, is the one he sees in the mirror. And there is nothing anyone can do if they don’t love the one we see in the mirror. What the final outcome of this process will be is yet to be seen, but all will work out for the best one way or another. If he starts to love himself and the God within… everything will change in amazing ways and rebirth will take place.

And the last true story:

A man who is in his 40’s has gone through lots of hard times in the last few years. He got divorced, lots his business, and he’s been working at small jobs on and off. At the same time he is a powerful speaker, he knows everything there is to know about personal growth… and he is a great teacher. In fact he could be a great minister or spiritual teacher. Yet he keeps thinking that a great paying executive job is going to come along, and he will be able to take care of his kids in the manner and style that they are accustom too.

There is a part of him that knows he needs to go out an start helping others who are suffering… yet he refuses to do so because he feels he has obligations… and he does. But whenever we has been tapped on the shoulder by God, the Universe, and the One and Only multiple times, and we don’t listen, even when the 2×4 wake up call comes along… life becomes very painful. Painful until we start doing what spirit wants us to do.

It’s kind of like Noah making a living and then spirit comes to Noah and tells him to build an arch. He disregards this first request, and then he becomes reverent to the will of spirit, and tells his family what he needs to do… and starts working on the arch. Sometimes what spirit wants us to do is not easy, in fact the request may seem crazy and terribly hard, yet it’s our true destiny whether we like it or not.

And in the last few months, three other people had the same wakeup call… and they all become powerful ministers, teachers, and spiritual people who are bringing light to the planet. Wakeup calls are happening all over the world right now, because great changes are about to happen very soon.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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