“16 Reasons Why Reading Spiritual Texts is Vitally Important”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Down through history we’ve been given amazing spiritual texts to read.  And a whole new group of people have awakened to these texts and are gathering spiritual wisdom… here are a few reasons why reading these texts is important.

Creates a Good Vibration for the Day – Spiritual texts create a spiritual vibration that clears a path for us for the day. Reading a passage, a verse, and few lines first thing in the morning makes the day go a little bit easier and helps to bring peace, love, and contentment into our world.

Helps us Live in the Here-and-Now – Reading a few lines from scared texts every morning helps us to be present in the reality of the here-and-now. They help us to have a more open heart and allow us to be present and listen intently.

Reminds Us About Truth – Reading a passage from a spiritual texts reminds us about connecting to our own spiritual truth within and living our life according to that truth. Thus life in general flows flows easily like water in a stream, moving around obstacles instead of trying to push them out of the way.

Self-Realization – Reading a few lines of spiritual text can open our heart and change our life completely. Sometimes reading a whole chapter will not connect with us but one line… one particular verse… a few words may open our mind,body, and spirit to a whole new world.

Expands our Intellect – Reading spiritual texts helps us to expand our intellect by pondering powerful questions and deducing an answer that fills our heart with joy. Thus we grow, learn, and grow in the capacity to fill our heart with love.

A Great Reminder About What’s Important– A few lines from sacred texts can remind us what’s important in life. And holding those thoughts in our mind makes difficulties seem a little easier to get through.

Empowers our Choices – Sacred texts help us to make choices— difficult choices that we all are confronted with daily. Thus we adhere to truth, love, and peace when we make those choices.

We Never Feel Alone – Reading a few lines from spiritual texts imparts a feeling that we are not alone. Even if we were the only ones on the planet… we feel guided by spirit and held in the arms of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Creates Confidence – Sacred texts fill us with confidence, that whatever comes our way we will get through… because God, the Universe, and the One and Only is always with us.

We See Through the Illusion – Reading sacred texts helps us to see the illusion of pleasure, pain, fame, fortune, greed, anger and hatred. And instead we harmonize our life and find great contentment in living a simple life.

Brings Families Together – When families read sacred texts together it becomes the mortar that holds a marriage, a family, and the extended family together. It becomes a strong foundation upon which the rest of life is built.

Instills a Feeling of Calm – When a few passages from a spiritual texts are read silently or out loud a feeling of peace filters in, a peace that’s hard to find in this day and age of anxiety and depression.

Gives us Hope – Daily reading from spiritual texts uplifts, gives us hope, and allows us to carry on even when things seem very dark. It allows us to find the silver lining in every cloud and have hope for the future… and thus we never give up, and eventually everything does get better.

Creates Compassion – Reading spiritual texts helps us to have compassion for those who are suffering and need our help. All spiritual texts talk about helping our neighbor, the needy, and those who are suffering, and thus we are find our purpose in life.

Sparks Creativity – A few lines from spiritual texts sparks our imagination and thus we start visualizing what we would do if we had to deal with the same circumstances… and thus our creativity grows.

Wisdom – Spiritual texts like the bhagavad gita, the bible, the teachings of Buddha,  the tora, a course in miracles, the teachings of Lau Tzu, and so many more spiritual texts impart wisdom to the reader. They help us understand the world by teaching us how to react with wisdom… instead of animal instinct. And reading spiritual texts fills our heart with joy, and keeps us grounded in truth, love, and wisdom.

Personally I read many spiritual passages daily… it’s all part of my daily routine for living a great life filled with joy.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider







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