“Two Paths Leading to the Sacred Self”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1There are many ways to find the true self, but here are two ways that are very powerful.

One way of finding the true self comes about by accident. By having some tremendous challenge happen in a persons life, and then spontaneously these events create a true awakening. Perhaps a person is almost killed in a plane accident, or car crash, or it might be a divorce, a traumatic disease of some sort, or loss of a loved one that starts the whole thing. And all of a sudden a person starts asking themselves deep questions. Questions such as “Who Am I, Why Am I Here, What’s My Purpose in Life, Where Did I Com From, Who is God, Am I Happy, Do I Like My Occupation” and many more powerful questions.

That stressful life challenge creates a crack in the armor of ego which allows a glimmer of light from the heart to expand into the cosmos and the collective conscious. Thus for the first time they start to wonder about things they took for granted before.

These types of awakenings can be very traumatic, in fact so traumatic that sometimes people end up seeking counseling, and they have bouts of depression. In general they don’t understand what’s going on, because in the past they were not spiritual at all. And their need to find answers to questions takes them out of their comfort zone. They might not even enjoy seeking answers to these questions… but they are driven to find out more. Never the less they keep moving forward, and thus little by little they find their spiritual path and start connecting to the true “I” within. And on a regular basis they find themselves sobbing with joy.

Most of the time their old friends are shocked… thus they disappear because they feel uncomfortable. The old friends feel their is something wrong, and that he or she is not the same person they used to be. And they are right! They are not the same old person they used to be, they are consciously evolving. Thus what they used to do, who they used to hang out with, their likes and dislikes, everything about them starts to change. And over time they find themselves drawn to other spiritual people who have answers for them, and can help them on their journey.

Another way of finding the true self comes about in a very easy way. Perhaps one day a person over hears a conversation about spirituality and for some strange reason they are drawn to find out more. They don’t understand why, but they want to know more, and they are compelled to do so. So they start digging and finding answers here and there. Some go to their old friends to ask questions, but those friends don’t have a clue, so they reach out to other people. And because of that certain people and books grab their attention… it’s all about destiny.

And gradually they start a whole new life, slowly moving away from their old friends and creating a new life in love with God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Now they are hooked, they have an insatiable urge to know everything about spirituality. Then they start taking retreats on Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, and many more spiritual ways of going inward. And they know they are outside of their comfort zone, in fact they are so far outside of their comfort zone that it really feels strange… but they keep searching.

And one day something hits them in a powerful way. What they’ve been searching for has been with them from the very beginning… and there is no need to search any further. Thus a great sense of peace filters in, and life takes on a new glow. Contentment follows and everything in life starts to flow in a beautiful way. Thus they no longer need to search, oh they love to talk with people and have conversations about spirituality, but they’ve found their Nirvana and no longer need to be filled up from the outside in.

These two very different paths both eventually lead to the same place. But it’s a very personal path, a path with particular twists and turns that create the compass heading way towards God, the Universe, and the One and Only according to their true destiny. And thus a powerful conviction and a great peace abides within both of these spiritual people.

I find it all amazing and beautiful… and I remember going through it myself.

May Your Path Be Fruitful and Full of Light!

Dr. Paul Haider




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