“Parts of the Body and What they Represent Spiritually”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Every single part of the body is a symbolic representation of our connection to the divine. There are hundreds interpretations about what each body part means, but here are a few and what they represent from a spiritual point of view.

Our Eyes – Our eyes are the windows to the soul, and this is very easy to see, because when we look into someone’s eyes we see who they are and what they are all about. Not from a flesh and blood perspective but from the essence of who they are deep down inside. We see kindness in some eyes, we see love in others, we can see trust worthiness in still others… and even peace. At the same time we can see that some people can’t be trusted and should not be connected with. And from a iridology point of view our eyes tell everything about our physical health. And as it’s been said down through the ages “The Eyes Tell Everything”.

Our Hands – Our hands denote power, strength, and giving. When we think of someone with strong hands we think of someone who is very powerful. Because it’s through the workings of our hands that we develop and create according to the will of the Universe. Strong hands mean a strong will, and thus those with strong hands also have the will power to make whatever it is they dream come true. And our hands also foretell our future. As with iridology for the eyes, our hands can give us incite into who we are and our destiny. And our hands have the ability to give whatever we have to others who are less fortunate… thus we heal suffering of the world.

Our Arms – Our arms represent influence and support. Think of outstretched arms, and arms that embrace, they both represent a loving, caring, and embracing acts. And thus strong arms also represent our ability to love and have a great influence upon the world, and thus we can change ever aspect of the world we live in. Surrounding arms also mean keeping those we embrace from harm, and being their for those in need, and helping all those who are suffering. And in some ways strong arms also mean strength— great strength to fulfill our purpose here on earth.

Our Toro – Our torso represents harmony and our ability to have mercy and compassion. Our torso denotes our way of working in the material world. Our ability to digest what comes, and thus convert all that food for thought into energy to go out and do what we need to do. Our torso also means harmony because all the organs of the body have to work together for health. Also the torso also denotes the ability to have mercy, the feeling of mercy is not only felt in our heart, but also in our gut. Every thought creates a change in our body, plus every action creates a change in our body. Those changes are symbolically created within the body to represent dis-ease or health. And thus a strong torso also means firmness, and our ability to stand up for what we know is right.

Our Heart – Our heart is the place love, and thus that is also where God, the Universe, and the One and Only dwells. Feelings come from two areas in our body… our heart and our gut. Higher feelings such as love emanate from our heart. Spiritually our heart holds the key to love, joy, peace, contentment, and compassion. And our heart is the birthplace of passion, which means passion for what we do as an occupation, and even passion for the eternal—God. Our heart is our 4th chakra and thus our heart is our center, our place of balance and thus life revolves around the heart. If we allow emotions such as anger and sadness to overwhelm us, we eventually do damage to our heart, but when we fill our heart with joy life is uplifted in amazing ways.

Our Head – Our head is a place of knowledge, power, and beauty. This is why all the kings and queens wore crowns because they are a symbol of power. And knowledge is power, and knowledge is a double edge sword, because power put to use can be amazing, while ill guided knowledge can be devastating. Our head is also the place where our thoughts and words emanate from and thoughts and words are powerful. Thus it’s important that the head work in consort with the heart, to bring about peace, love, and contentment. And the head is a place of beauty and many a young lover has written poems about the beauty of his beloved.

Our Legs – Our legs represent power, spirituality, reverence, and balance. Strong legs mean we are able to make the journey moving towards our destiny. And strong legs denote our spiritual character… one who centers his life around the spiritual aspects of living. And strong legs can also mean we have reverence for that which is spiritual. And our legs denote balance, the ability to work and walk in two worlds—the material and the spiritual.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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    What about the pelvis and that region of the body, specifically in females

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