“Three Steps to Spiritually Healing Dis-ease”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Here are three spiritual thoughts that heal all dis-ease. These spiritual intentions are are vitally important for uplifting the core of who we are, which creates a powerful immune system. Thus our persona is reborn with a new perspective which liberates and fosters harmony in every aspect of our being… thus dis-ease disappears.

Create Harmony – When we have disharmony in our family, culture, society, and nation, and even within our own being we start a process of creating a lack of Qi energy which eventually leads to disease. The remedy for this is to make sure we have harmony in every aspect of life. Take for instance if someone dies in our family and we start mourning that death, during that mourning process we lose major amounts of Qi energy, or spiritual energy. To remedy this it’s important that we take everything in stride, thus not allowing anything to bring us down and disturb our harmony. But we do need to mourn, but it’s all about keeping life in balance… long periods of mourning can do damage to our spiritual well being.

How do we create harmony? Meditation is extremely important for instilling a sense of harmony… even when all seems lost. Meditation brings about a modulation of the highs and lows of our emotional spiritual being… and thus creates harmony. And prayer is also very powerful, because it not only gives us hope, but uplifts and strengthen our emotional well being. Being in nature uplifts every single cell, because we are uplifted by the natural rhythms and vibrations she provides. Thus the third step is to spend lots of time with nature in silence.

Be Excited About Being Alive – Many times when we have something tragic or abusive happen in our life we lose the will to live. Not only that, but from an energetic level a large portion of our Qi energy disappears as soon as that one single thought of “I don’t want to live” enters the unconscious mind. The lack of will to live manifest in many ways such as: feeling confused, feeling down all the time, feeling unloved and alone, having negative thoughts running through our head, feeling depressed, and all joy about being alive disappears, thus we just don’t care about anyone or anything. But there is hope, we can turn this around with some very simple steps.

First of all spiritual counseling is vitally important, the right counselor at the right time can make all the difference in the world. And some powerful rituals can also help, such as taking all those negative thoughts and writing them down and placing them in a container and setting them on fire, and saying out loud— “I let all of this go, all the negativity, all the depression, all the anxiety, all the sadness of yesterday is gone, today I start a new whole life which is centered around love, thus I see life from a positive point of view.”

The second part is to start life all over again, if moving seems to be the right thing to do then moving to a new home or a new city, can create a new lease on life. There is nothing like starting over with new opportunities and amazing possibilities for the future. Or just starting a new way of living by changing the rut we are in and thus everything changes. The third part is to go out and finding high energy, loving, kind, warm hearted people to have as friends. This may not be easy… but it’s vitally important, because the energy of the people we are around rubs off… and thus we become loving, kind, and positive minded.

Replace Fear with Love – All the way back to the middle ages doctors have understood that fear is very deleterious to health. Fear and anxiety working together create a slow process of extinguishing the fire of spiritual energy. This in turn lowers our immune system and thus dis-ease takes over. Fear creates suffering, and fear creates a feeling of being alone which also leads to dis-ease. A fearful person plays the part of the victim, thus always has a good story about what others have done to create problems in their life. To break free of this fearful there is one simple thing we can do.

The first step is to meditate and connect with our higher self and see everything in our life through the eyes of the soul. Once we connect with spirit, it’s important that we go about our daily life seeing everything from our soul’s perspective. Our soul is perfection, and thus our soul sees everything as perfection. Thus the soul knows that everything will work out for the best in one way or another. Thus we have to let go of ingrained negative thinking and take on a new positive persona. This is called spiritual rebirth, the mind is reborn, our way of living is reborn, and our way of interacting with life is reborn, and thus life starts anew. Sometimes rebirth happens spontaneously which leads to a joyful uplifting person that’s excited about being alive. And for some it’s a long process of taking two steps forward and one step back… but eventually arriving at the same place.

With these three spiritual intentions disease disappears and life ripples with the excitement of being alive.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider






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