“A Prayer for Peace”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Lets pray for peace, we have so many wars going on right now, and we’ve had endless war since the dawn of time. Nothing has been gained by war, we’ve only lost billions of lives and created countless suffering.

Here is a prayer for peace… I hope you will join me.

Oh God, Oh heavenly father, we ask You to bring mankind an endless peace. Please implant every soul with the need to feel peaceful so that war will end. Allow the essence of Your grace to filter through the madness and fill the hearts of mankind with love. Allow that ember of peace that still exists in every heart to expand and become ablaze with unrelenting love.

Allow legends of angels to descend upon battlefields in full glory enveloping every inch with Your white light of love. And allow every single soldier and sailor to see the glory of Your existence before them, that they will be humbled and fall to their knees and know that God, the Universe, and the One and Only is watching.

And for those who persist allow all of them to be frozen in their tracks unable to move until endless spirit fills them with eternal love. Please allow all weapons of destruction to cease working. And no matter what people do, what instruments they use, whatever they try to do to make these weapons work… the will never function again. And allow all weapons of mass destruction to be disarmed in a way so they can never be used as weapons for all eternity.

Oh God, Oh Heavenly Father we ask that you show yourself in all the halls of government around the world… allowing your white light of love to fill the hearts of those who govern the nations of the world and create peace in every single soul. And thus all quarrels and quibbling will end in every nation. And thus at the United Nations and other gatherings of nations all countries will come together to help one another in peaceful communion for the good of mankind.

Please allow all needs to be met, that those who have an over abundance of wealth, will share their wealth because your grace of peace fills their heart, and thus the love of abundant giving fills their soul. Allow all negativity in the world to melt away, because every heart is filled with the light of love, the grace of God, and thus all cynical, critical, and defeatist thoughts are transformed into all embracing thoughts of love. Allow the lion and the lamb to lay down together and thus all quarrels in the world stop — and a peaceful solution created that brings both parties in agreement.

Allow peaceful negotiations to be the way of the world instead of war. And allow even the possibility of war to be forgotten, and never brought to mind. Please allow a new generation of young men and women to take over the world with one thought in mind— everlasting peace. And allow every generation from this point on to always have the welling being of soul who lives on the planet foremost on their mind.

And please allow people to be happy, not from what they have from the outer world, but because of the great peace and bliss they hold within. Because You have filled their soul with eternal grace! We ask all of this in the name of God the father, the son, and the holy spirit, the Universe, Great Spirit, and the One and Only. And by whatever name mankind holds for God… the great creator of all things… that this great peace shall reign supreme forever more. — Amen!

Now it’s up to us to pray this prayer of peace daily… or as many times as possible in order to ask God to lovingly open his arms and thus create everlasting peace on earth. When we ask as one massive soul, the collective soul of mankind, the greater the possibility that He will grant our beloved request.

It’s time for war to end, it’s time for love to reign supreme, and it’s time for mankind to move towards the light and away from all the negativity… thus everything will change.

And on a personal note, I am ready, it’s time, I no longer want to hear about war, suffering, and tragedy, it’s time for everything to be different.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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