“6 Ways to Improve the Soil of the Soul”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Think about a garden, without great soil sooner or later all the veggies of the garden start to become stressed, and then insects attack and take over and the plants die. But if we improve the soil the plants grow strong and never become stressed. The same holds true for the soil of our soul, our soul needs some very important nutrients in order to create a peaceful loving life.

Add the Nutrient of Self Worth – Self worth is very important, we always feel worthy when we try to make a difference in the world, thus we feel good from the inside out. And how do we go about feeling worthy, it’s our daily attempt of doing right action. Sometimes we succeed, other times we don’t, but it’s the process of trying that makes us feel worthy. Thus the roots of all action thrive in a soil fortified with self-worth.

Add the Nutrient of Discipline – All positive action depends upon discipline. Nothing worth doing has ever been accomplished without discipline. It’s easy to fall into the habit of not cultivating discipline, in fact it’s too easy. Discipline takes going deep and making a pack with our soul and declaring “I WILL and CAN DO THIS” and from that point on putting in great amounts of energy to make powerful changes in our life. And discipline allows self-worth to grow and take root in the soil of our soul. Creating discipline is one of the most important nutrients to improve the soil of our soul which also leads to self-respect… and thus we feel great about being alive.

Add the Nutrient of Equanimity – There will be ups and downs in life, but if we keep our mind on the horizon of peace nothing can stop us. Equanimity is a nutrient for the soil of our soul, that if cultivated through being in nature, having gratitude for being alive, and the practice of meditation… enriches every aspect of life. Thus a person is no longer a slave emotions and the craziness of the world. This doesn’t mean being numb, it’s just the opposite, a numb person does not feel, but a spiritual person who has equanimity knows that all paths eventually lead to a positive outcome, thus never allows the negativity of life to take control. And this also brings about a powerful effect, a healthy body, a body which is constantly being bathed in feelings of love instead of fear. Creating equanimity is like enriching the soil of our soul with natural nitrogen, which allows life to thrive and prosper.

Add the Nutrient of Contentment – Contentment is simplicity, it’s uncomplicated, contentment is living in harmony with all things and with Mother Nature. Contentment allows a person to feel good no matter what they have going on. Always yearning for more, constantly desiring more creates the opposite of contentment. With contentment a person never feels something is missing, that something is lacking, and thus anxiety disappears and peace filters in. Creating contentment is a trace mineral for enriching the soil of the soul.

Add the Nutrient of Love – Love is a powerful life changing process which opens the heart. Love can heal, love creates peace, love can see the good in all situations, and love is more powerful than all the negativity in the world. Love is the light of the world, and thus love can over come all obstacles… plus love is selfless, thus love has no limitations. Love only sees the good and all great possibilities that might take place. Thus love is one of the most important nutrients we can add to the soil of our soul.

Add the Powerful Nutrient “G” – In order to thrive their needs to be a catalyst, a nutrient that binds all the elements of life together for the betterment of each individual, the universe, and mankind. That catalyst is Nutrient “G” or God, the Universe, and the One and Only. The unseen omnipresent energy, the spark of life that enables everything to grow… even our soul. Faith in God, the Universe, and the One and Only is something that can’t taken for granted, it’s the driving force that allows life itself to exist. To humbly connect to God in prayer, to give up all our worries to the Universe, and allowing our life to be a guided from a spiritual perspective… is a vitally important for the enriching of the soil of the soul.

By adding these 6 nutrients we thrive and become abundant in many ways.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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