“How to Discern Truth”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1People always want to know if something is true or not. Not just from a thinking perspective but from a spiritual perspective. Right now we have all kinds of untruths and half truths being told. In fact the internet, papers, news, and other venues are full of untruths that billions of people are exposed too. And many people have no way of knowing when something is true or not. Here are a few spiritual ways to know when something is truth and full of love.

That Gut Feeling – Our gut contains as many neurons as our brain, in fact some call our gut our second brain. Why did God, the Universe, and the One and Only put so many neurons in our gut, because we have that gut feeling deep down inside that knows when something is true or not. Our gut feeling has not raised itself to the possibility of self-doubt, so that gut feeling is about truth… thus it’s always important to go with our gut feeling. We’ve all had that gut feeling and ignored it and things didn’t work out. That’s when we over rule our gut and try to smooth things over with logic… which will always lets us down. And sometimes we get a tingling feeling in our body when something doesn’t seem right… that to is the bodies wisdom telling us that something is wrong. It’s important to always listen to our gut and our body, because the wisdom of God lives within our body, and thus the Infinite Field is telling us the truth.

Heart Felt Feelings – As more and more people shut off their feeling in order to not feel pain, suffering, guilt, shame, and the feeling of being vulnerable. We also shut off our heart felt feelings and gut feelings. It’s impossible to shut off just one feeling, if we shut one down, we shut them all down. And those heart felt feelings are supposed to keep us safe, they know when something is wrong, when something doesn’t seem right, and when something is too good to be true, or something is really not right. God lives in our heart and thus it’s important that we listen to those heart felt feelings… otherwise we stop listening to the great Infinite Field which is all around us.

Just Feels Right – Sometimes we get a feeling all over that a particular subject, word, phrase, book, talk or anything else just feels right. This is a true knowing that comes from the collective conscious telling us that this is truth. Once again this is God, the Universe, and the One and Only moving through the ether to connect with us… and let us know that this is good.

Test of Time – From a spiritual point of view there is not such thing as time. All time, space, and consciousness is wrapped together into ONE. But truth stands outside of time, as attested to with great spiritual writings which go on for eons. Here is a simple way to see if something is true… just give it time. Those things which are just a fad, a passing fancy, a boisterous noise in the dark will soon disappear. But those things which are of love, those things which are true go on forever. This takes patience, and patience is a gift we acquire with time, thus it’s important for us to learn to have patience and see what happens… it’s own longevity will tell everything.

Kinesiology Process – Kinesiology is a simple test that uses the wisdom of the body to discern truth. When we hear truth we become strong, when we hear something which is false we become weak. And thus a test for truth can be created using this unique ability. Stand up straight and hold out one arm, and say out loud the particular statement that needs to be discerned as truth or false. At the same time have someone stand in front of you, and as you try to be strong have them gently push your arm down. If your arm is strong and does not go down the statement is true, if your arm is weak and goes down the statement is false. Even Dr. David Hawkins uses kinesiology to test the truth of phrases and passages in books… kinesiology does work.

Ask Your Higher Self – It’s also possible to learn to interact with our higher self. To relax and go into a peaceful state by breathing deeply for 5 minutes and then stating a particular statement and asking if this is truth. Right away the higher self will answer the question. In fact many times it will not be the answer we expect. Connecting with our higher self takes practice but it can be done and it works well to discern truth.

Using all of these ways to discern truth will guide us on our path towards love.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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