“13 Beautiful Attributes of the Soul”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1The soul is more than just a vibratory light that comes and goes with the passing of material body. The soul has attributes that very few people know about. Here are just a few beautiful attributes of the eternal soul.

Intuition – Our soul is the seat of all intuition, insights, and the ability to have spontaneous creativity that inevitably drives forward our life. Intuition is very important because without it we’ve lost our 6th sense… our ability to “know” even before something happens, our ability to sense everything around us and in the universe.

Love – Our soul is the seat of love. And love is the animating force of the universe. And love also includes being kind, gentle, and peaceful, and the ability to live in harmony with all things. All encompassing love is the most important aspect of soul maturation. Eventually over millions of life times we become great avatars, who embrace love as the most important aspect of being human.

Knowing – Our soul is also the seed of our ability to understand everything. Even things which cannot be expressed in words which elude most people. Thus the soul has the power of being the all knowing consciousness, and knowing is much more powerful than knowledge.

Power – Our soul is the seat of all power, a power deep down inside that knows when we have to take action to help those who are suffering. It’s the part of us which is courageous, the hero, the activating force that marches forward.

Persistence – The soul also contains our power of persistence. Our ability to keep moving, doing what we know is right even when all seems lost.

Sincerity – Our soul is the seat of sincerity. Our ability to come across to people with the simplest of words and feelings, that express to the listener something powerful and loving and also shows how much we care.

Humbleness – The ability to be humble and know that all that we have and are comes from our higher power. Humbleness is also a balancing point, which allows us to know we can do nothing on our own without the Infinite Field, God, the One and Only working through us.

Benevolence – Our soul is also the seat of all benevolence. Our ability to have mercy, generosity, charity, goodwill, the ability to care for others, and go beyond our ego and see the light of the soul in everyone.

Joy and Bliss – The soul is also the seat of all joy and bliss, and the ability to be happy no matter what the world brings our way. Joy and bliss is not connected to our mind, it’s connected to our higher being, the soul’s ability to overcome all misfortune and still be embraced in the light.

Forgiveness – Our soul is the seat of all forgiveness. Forgiveness is not part of animal instinct, forgiveness comes from a higher place. A place that allows us to let go of judgement, and wear the shoes of all those that trespass against us… and thus forgive.

Acceptance – The soul also holds the ability to accept things as the are, for our own greater good and for the greater good of mankind. It’s not that we give up, it’s that we are OK with what’s going on… and thus we have the ability to finally do something about our place in life.

Contentment – The soul also allows us to have great contentment with whatever we have in the way of material things, family, and more. Contentment allows desires to disappear and thus be happy with life.

Grace – The soul is also the seat of all grace. Once grace is bestowed upon us and accepted, divine grace grows within the soul. Grace comes to us when we are suffering, broken, and have nothing. Then finally we fall to our knees with a feeling of being undeserving, and that’s when grace is bestowed upon us. Thus all guilt and shame is lifted from our shoulders, and what some people call the Christ Consciousness is reborn within our heart.

All of these aspects of the soul work together like a choir enthralled with the song of life. Every note of the song expresses another attribute of the soul to creation, as we grow and change throughout our short stay on this plane. Thus eventually all which is divine is expressed and we become the essence of the soul… nothing more and nothing less… we are everything.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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