“Looking Through the Eyes of the Guru”

Once a man asked, “When Will my Guru, Saint, and God Incarnate Return?”… and a powerful guru said: “You’re Looking Through the Eyes of that Guru.”  Basically what the guru said, is that it’s important that we become self-realized, to move from our passive understanding that we are helpless to become the great Christ Consciousness, and this is where meditation plays a very important role. Because when we sleep and we have a dream we wake up and say “That was a dream” but when we have a powerful spiritual experience we AWAKEN and say “All of this is a dream.”

Many Eyes

Meditation awakens us to the understanding of who we are deep down inside. Thus all duality disappears and we understand the truth of this great cosmic experience that we are going through. Then we see that we are nothing more than the play of light on the screen of life. But most people are so caught up in the story, the movie, the interaction of characters that they can’t understand that the most important aspect of the whole process is to go to the source of the light, the great projector, which is all knowing and omnipresent.

Another man asked a great guru about his habits saying, “Can I come here to learn and still smoke? And the guru said yes. Can I come here to learn and still drink? And the guru said yes. Can I come here to learn and still cause mischief? And the guru said yes, but I can’t guarantee that you will always want all of those things in the future. Because when you meditate and go within they become much less important and eventually drop away.” And as Gandhi said: “A man who has reformed himself will reform thousands”. And as we all know it takes willpower to create anything, and thus will power is the energy that enables thoughts to burst forth into reality. Willpower is cosmic energy which is put into play in specific areas of our life… thus we change our life according to our thoughts.

And it’s important that we create deep ruts to live by, not mental ruts of discontent, but good ruts, good habits which help us to live with contentment, love, and spiritual bliss. Oh it’s very easy to go to a top of a mountain or to a deep cave and renounce life in general. But it takes a lot more effort to live a Godlike life, a Guru like life in the middle of modern civilization. And as one guru said, “If you really want to get to know yourself get married and have children and go live life. Thus all your baggage will gravitate to the top, thus it can be scooped away like fresh cream from milk. Because your life, friends, your spouse, and your children will push your buttons and make all of the your baggage come to the surface.” Thus we either we either shun away all that baggage and never look at it again, or we look deeply at all that baggage and reform our life.”

The great reforming consciousness lives within every single one of us. Thats why every time we see a sunset, or a sunrise, when we see crashing waves and autumn leaves falling to the ground we have a special feeling deep down inside. Or when we see a new born baby, or we stand small in a grove of giant sequoia trees, or we are out in the desert and see the vastness of all that sand, or walking on a glacier with all those miles of ice, we have a sense that we are part of something larger, something very important. Part of the greatness of the single dew drop on a blade of grass, and also a single wave on the ocean, but at the same time we are the totality of the ocean, the cosmos, the galaxies, the all encompassing universe that we live in, and even our solar system, we are the great awakening… and we are the one looking through the eyes of the great guru and the great saint… we are ONE!

May everyone awaken to see their greatness, and see how wonderful and loving they really are deep down inside. May all become self-realized masters and thus the world will change and life on this planet will never be the same.

Many Blessings to Every Master and Every Guru including YOU!

Dr. Paul Haider





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