“The Story of One Souls Journey to God”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Once there was a man who had everything, he even had a huge yacht and he traveled all over the world taking care of his business, making sure he was making more money because he was jealous of his brother who had a few more millions than he did. But all of that was about to change.

The millionaire live in one country in Europe and his wife live in another. They really didn’t like each other, but because of the money they tolerated one another and put on a shows to impress friends when they gave parties. But the millionaire was not happy… he felt empty inside. Oh he had lots of money, but life was boring, there was nothing that really excited him deep down inside. He had a gift for making money, it was a natural talent but that was it. And he really didn’t have any friends to speak of, only people who wanted to hang around him because he was rich.

Willing to Trust – One of the most important aspects of living is being able to trust other people. Trust is love, and love is trust, it’s all the same, and love is God. And this millionaire did not trust anyone, so there was no love in his life, and thus the only thing he did trust was money. And money is something that doesn’t have the ability to love us back… thus he was alone.

Great Faith – When we trust we have faith, and thus we have faith in love, and love is God, and thus faith is the corner stone of love and God. And when we have faith even when things are not great, we have faith that things will get better. And this millionaire could not trust, and thus he did not have faith, thus even in his own heart he was alone. For there was absolutely no love in his heart and thus he had no connection to the divine… all he thought about was money.

The Great Breakthrough – Then one day the millionaire became very ill and ended up on the hospital with liver cirrhosis, diabetes, and gout from not taking care of his diet and from drinking too much. All that rich food and drink had taken it’s toll on his body and he was in tremendous pain and he needed a liver transplant… but he had a rare tissue type and his doctors were not able to find a tissue match.

Then one day a young nurse came his room and was going to give him a sponge bath. But the millionaire was gruff and grouch and barked at her because he was angry about the whole situation. But the young nurse did what she had to do, bathing the grumpy old man and taking care of him, as though he was a little boy.

And when she was finished she sat down beside his bed and just held his hand for a little while and looked at the old man with a loving smile. And then she got up and bend over and kissed the old man on the head. And that was the breaking point for the old man who had been terrible to this young nurse, yet she was full of love for the old man and even gave him a kiss. So the old man burst into tears and started crying and he couldn’t stop.

And the nurse asked what was wrong, and the millionaire just said “I was mean to you but you still showed me love… why?” And the young nurse said, “Lots of people are sick here and even dying in this hospital and sometimes they are grumpy and mean… that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be loved, you deserve love like everyone else.” And with that the millionaire held the nurses hand and sobbed, and started telling her how much he had in the way of money, and how lonely he was.

But something changed that day, something opened his heart, love finally cracked the armor he was wearing over his heart. And because of that the millionaire started to pray… he prayed to God that if he was able to become healthy again he would go out and help other people and end their suffering.

Well God must have heard his prayer because two days later his doctor found a match for his liver transplant. And much later he walked out of the hospital able to take care of himself once again. But he was never the same, he went on to help many people, made up with his wife, and made a difference in the lives of lots of who were suffering. He also found his faith in God, and started trusting people, and because of that life changed for this old man. Alas 2 years later he did die of a heart attack, but at least he came to know his maker before he left this plane.

It’s amazing how just holding someone’s hand, and giving them a kiss on the forehead can jump start the whole process of healing not just the body, but also the soul.

May we all hold someone’s hand and kiss their forehead with love.

Dr. Paul Haider





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