“How to Spread the Message of Love Through Our Daily Lives”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Every single day that we go out into the world we broadcast a message to everyone about who we are and what we stand for. But much of the time we are not conscious of what we are doing and thus our message is counter acted in many ways. Here is what we can do to take control of our message, and be powerful, and spread love.

What We Say – We also have an impact on our community through the conscious state of our emotions. When we smile, when we have a positive outlook on life,  and what we express through conversations, it all helps to spread the message of love. If we consciously up lift one person during the day, that translates into that person uplifting more people, and then it spreads like wildfire from there. Thus through the power of numbers we are creating change in the world one person at a time. Take for instance Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his message of love was so powerful that it changed countless lives.

Our Daily Actions – What we do makes life change, take for instance a young lady who lives in Detroit who decide that there were no fresh produce available in the area and people where getting sick because of this. So she took it upon her self to take control of a vacant lot and create a urban garden to produce fresh fruits and veggies that she could sells locally to markets and restaurants. And she also starting taking children on tours of the garden, and having them help out in the garden so they could learn about being healthy and where good food comes from. And now she’s taking control of a few more vacant lots to feed the people of Detroit. Thus she’s created a change in the city of Detroit that’s still growing.

Persistence is Important – Being consistent with our message is also important. If one day we say one thing and another day we say another… we have no consistency in our message, and thus over the long run our message becomes dilute. Those that stand the test of time, those that have their ups and downs and still persist create a legacy which creates a message which lives on long after they are gone. Thus being consistent and being persistent in our message is vitally important to spreading love throughout the world. Take for instance Paramahansa Yogananda for sure he had his ups and downs in life. But through it all… he was very consistent and persistent in his message of love and thus transformed millions of lives.

Our Unconscious Message – When we are loving and kind that message is given off through our none verbal impression that transmits throughout the ether of the Universe to everyone. Science has shown that two pieces of entangled matter separated by great distances both change at the same time when one piece is exposed to stimuli. And thus we are also entangled minds, part of the collective mind, the collective conscious which creates according our emotional state. Thus when we are full of love, we stimulate love in the world, and love translates into a new concept which spreads throughout the Universe, creating hope for millions of people. A true living expression of that love is Divine Mother Amma. Divine Mother Amma sits and hugs 40 to 70 thousand people a day without a break. Her energy, her love surrounds everyone, it’s real… and thus she is love.

All Four Ways Working Together – When we take all four of these ways of expressing love in our daily lives, and put them together working to create a positive message— we can create powerful changes in the world. In fact it would be almost impossible not to create a powerful message. Our daily lives becomes the most important message that we can create, thus we become the messenger of love, instead of just expounding upon a message and not really walking the talk. If we give love, if we work with love, and help everyone in our family and our community, our message will spread, there is no doubt about it, and everyone has the capacity to do this… all we have to do is try.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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