“You are Amazing – Here are a Few Reminders of Your Greatness”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1All of us are an exquisite examples of love, and all do a great job of living life and taking care of ourselves and others. But at times we forget how amazing we really are. Here are just a few reminders of how wonderful we are.

You are Rare – You are rare, you are like a diamond that has a twinkling and shiny quality that’s beyond comprehension.

You are Sublime – You are heavenly and beyond compare when it comes to being you.

You are Beautiful – You are stunning and gorgeous, and it’s important that you never forget how beautiful you are.

You are One of a Kind – You are one of a kind, there is no one else like you on the planet… you are priceless.

You are Full of Love – You are full of love, love exudes from every pore, you are a beautiful example of creation.

You are Grand – You are more than mere words can describe, you are wonderful.

You are Peace – You are contentment and love, you are nothing but peace.

You are Light – You are that which exists in all the Universe, you are the light of creation.

You are Truth – You are light, and thus you are truth, light and truth are indivisible, one goes with the other.

You are Joy – You are joy, within you resides the powerful ecstasy of joy, it’s always been there and always will be.

You are Glorious – You are glorious, you are a superb expression of greatness, and it’s important to remember that you are even glorious when things seem difficult.

You are Bliss – You are blissful deep down inside, and once in a while you experience that bliss. And when things are not easy remind yourself that within you there is pure elation.

You are Powerful – You are powerful, more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Your power was given to you at birth, now it’s time to accept your power.

You are Loving – You are loving, you go out of your way to help others. You came from love so how can you be anything but love… it’s impossible.

You are Caring – You are caring, you feel the need to help everyone, and you are full of astounding empathy which connects to others and helps them feel whole.

You are Kind – You are kind, when others walk away from those in need you step forward to be of service, you lend a helping hand, or just listen and be there when no one else will.

You are Respectful – You are respectful of yourself and others. You have a gentle way of working with people and always treat everyone with respect.

You are Cooperative – You are cooperative, you enjoy working together with people for the greater good.

You are Magnificent – You are magnificent, just like a beautiful sunset there will never be another one like you.

Many times we allow the world bring us down and don’t take in the fact that we are magnificent. Each and every one of us are amazing beyond compare, people who are willing to go the extra mile, and make a difference in the lives of others. And even if life gets us down, it’s important that we never forget how wonderful we really are… not from a narcissistic point of view but from a place of loving the divine creation that we are.

Take this list and read it every day and remind yourself just how wonderful you really are. Read it out loud while look into your eyes in a mirror, and notice how you react. Many people start to cry, that’s a normal reaction, others start to laugh, that too is normal. But when you can look deeply into your own eyes with a smile on your face and say all of these aspects of who you really are… then you have arrived.

And show this list to others and also remind them of who they are deep down inside. If all of us were to take this list to heart and understand the magnificence of who we are… everything in this world would change. It’s time now for everyone to awaken to the powerful divinity within. To the understanding that they are more than just a mother, a father, a daughter, or a son… we are a divine being full of light made from that which has existed for all eternity… star dust.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider






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