“How a Soul Matures and Grows Throughout Life”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1“The Forge”

We come to this world pure gleaming white without a smudge of any kind of soot of any kind that holds back the light of our soul. But soon that all changes, as soon as we hear our mothers voice we start figuring out ways to manipulate in order to acquire what we want. And soot begins to accumulate on the lamp of our soul. And later we start the process of removing that soot one day at a time.

Heating The Metal – Once we decide that we have very little time on this earth we start the process of removing soot from our soul. And one way we do this as with metal is to place it in a forge and heat the metal until it’s very hot, and thus all which is not needed is burned away. Thus God, the Universe, and the One and Only starts to work on us burning away the soot of life.

The heat is created by all the things we do that sooner or later catch up with us as karma and start to weighing heavy on our life. And thus we start to question who we are and what life is all about. Then learning lessons come our way to help cleans away more. And stir up the soul to the point that we don’t want to live the rest of our life being the same person. We decide there has to be a better way, so we start a process of devotion to God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

The more we ask for, the less we receive, until one day we finally understand that the less we have, in actuality the more we have. Thus we start to let go of all the material items in our life… and go inward to find complete bliss.

The Hammer Blows – Sooner or later we have powerful challenges that take place in our life. These challenges are similar to taking the metal out of the forge and striking it with a huge hammer to create something beautiful. Each challenge brings emotional turmoil which pounds us to the core. And thus sometimes we go forward, sometimes we take a few steps back, and at other times we don’t move at all… but through it all we change becoming something even more amazing.

Some call this the 2X4 effect, in which we are given a wakeup call which finally gets our attention. The blow may be a divorce, disease, lose of a loved one, or some other very powerful challenges which rocks us to the core. But every time one of these powerful wakeup calls comes along we learn something new.

Quenching the Metal – And as with metal which is being changed, pounded until it starts to gleam. We also go through the quenching bath where all the heat, and all the pounding subsides and we see life as it really is. Some call this God’s Grace, where we sit on a park bench and enjoy the movement of the fall leaves gently falling to the ground. Or we watch the water ripple as a turtle makes his way into a pond, and notice everything is connected.

This three fold process takes place multiple times throughout our life, sometimes we are in the forge, other times we are being hammered, and at other times we are being quenched by the love of God’s Grace. All of which are very important for the maturation of each and every soul. Sometimes during the process we become depressed, or angry, and lash out at life. But if we are truly maturing as a soul, sooner or later we start to understand the whole process… and see all of it as important.

Then when we go into the fire it doesn’t matter. We get to a point where all of it is accepted and embraced, and we look forward to every aspect of the pain, suffering, and renewal.

But acceptance takes time, and sometimes we slide back into our old ways. But we always awaken, and thus move forward towards our inevitable outcome. It’s our destiny to become a shining example of love that shines brighter than the sun.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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