“Healing Skin Cancer with Euphorbia Peplus”

Euphorbia Peplus is a particular type of milkweed that has great healing abilities when it comes to healing skin cancer. The sap is particularly toxic to cells that are growing at a very fast rate and thus works well for killing skin cancer. And down through history native people have been using Euphorbia Peplus to successfully treat skin cancer.

Euphorbia Peplus

Grows Wild All Over The World – Euphorbia peplus is a plant that grows all over Africa, Asia, Europe, UK, and has also been cultivated, and was introduce and gone wild in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Other Names – Euphorbia peplus is also called Cancer Weed, Petty Spurge, Milk Weed, and Radium Weed. It depends on the area, common names vary depending upon the particular area of the world.

Contains – Euphorbia peplus sap contains ingenol mebutate which kills skin cell cancer tumors. And that compound has been synthetically created and approved by the FDA for treating skin cancer.

Treating Skin Cancer – A study was done using the active ingredient in Euphorbia peplus and up to 71% of the skin cancer lesions disappeared after applying the agent for 3 consecutive days… that’s a pretty amazing percentage. And after treatment the skin looked very healthy. And in some studies there was a successful treatment rate of 84% after 3 treatments…. and months later there was a 100% success rate in treating melanoma.

Treating Leukemia – New studies show that the agent Ingenol 3-angelate was a very potent anti-leukemia agent… killing leukemia cells… more studies to be done.

General 10 Day Healing Process

Here is a general healing process for skin tumors. The process will be the same but particular reactions depending upon the person may appear. We are all different bodies… and thus all react differently to particular herbs. Just like some antibiotics work for some people and not for others and some antidepressant medications work for some, and not for others, some particular herbs work for some people and not for others. It all depends on the person, so try this and see how it works.

Day 1 – Fresh sap is applied just to the skin tumor and right away the tumor will turn red and starts to sting.

Day 2 – Then the entire area (including the surrounding healthy skin) will start to swell and turn red.

Day 3 – Then the tumor will start to ooze and the tumor should be covered with a gauze or a bandaid.

Day 4 –  On the fourth day a hole appears in the middle of the tumor about a 1/4 inch size or slightly wider.

Day 5 – Now the skin starts to heal a bit.

Day 6 – Next the skin starts to itch… itching means healing.

Day 7 – Now the tumor starts to create a scab – the scab should be washed lightly.

Day 8 – Remove the bandaid and allow the area to dry – it will start to flake.

Day 9 – Then the scab becomes very small.

Day 10 – Now the scab falls off and the tumor is gone, and the skin is left clean and healthy looking.

If this process does not work, treat the treat tumor with Euphorbia peplus sap for 3 days instead of just one day.

Testimonials on-line – There are lots of personal testimonials of using Euphorbia peplus for treating skin cancer tumors.

Finding – Euphorbia peplus is a very common weed and it’s probably growing all around the area… just look around and I’m sure you will find this wonderful plant. Also the seeds can be found on-line for sale, just google “Buy Euphorbia peplus Seeds” and lots of places that sell the seeds will come up. And it’s a weed and doesn’t need a lot of care, so plant it and it will take off.

Skin Reactions – Euphorbia peplus does cause skin reactions, swelling, redness, itching, it’s all part of the process. And if the process of healing tumors is not adhered too properly, secondary infections can take place. So it should not be used on sensitive skin or healthy skin, or for those who have skin reactions or suppressed immune systems. And it should not be used with children, infants, and nursing or pregnant women.

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist





Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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4 Responses to “Healing Skin Cancer with Euphorbia Peplus”

  1. Todd Perry says:

    Where can i buy some of the Euphorbia peplus sap? I have searched all over and can not find any anywhere.

    • Hi-Todd,

      It’s not something you will find anywhere for sale – it’s a weed that grows in many areas and no one sells it because it’s a weed and you might even have it in your back yard.

      Many Blessings My Friend

      Dr. Haider

  2. Duncan says:

    I’m a redhead who’s seen a lot of sun over 62 years. I was told about milkweed about 15 years ago and have been using since 10 years ago on my shins, top of head and eyebrows, nose and cheeks, forearms and top of chest around neck areas; Pretty much those high sun prone areas. I’ve inadvertently got into my eyes on many occasions rubbed into my eyes before bed; Not pleasant at all very difficult to wash out and will keep you awake for a couple of hours or more.
    Grows well in the garden dirt in slightly shaded areas, but winter growth is not so good. Maybe a glass house would help over winter; I’ve noticed the weed grows well in a dirt covered in fine gravel. Maybe the gravel keeps moisture and warmth. I’ve rubbed it in over large areas like over the entire side of my face or up the length of my shins or over my entire top of head where the hair has thinned and the crown. Most often the skin will blister or become reddish small sores before scabbing and healing. I’ve had a couple of deeper crater types which have been more difficult to treat and one that almost completely healed then re cratered on further treatment as of this very moment. These crater types worry me as they seem deeper into the skin. Anyway it would be interesting to know the optimum green house growing conditions for a winter harvest if possible.

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