“The Spiritual Significance of Gardening”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1When entering the start of winter, the soils need to be tilled and thus a whole new chapter of the spiritual nature of a garden begins. Every part of a garden has spiritual significance… if we choose to look at it that way. From winter and the time to regain strength, to spring and planting, to fall and the abundance of the harvest, and back to winter, all of it has spiritual significance… let’s take a look at what it all means.

Caring for the Soil (Caring for the Soul) – The soil of a garden is extremely important, if we care for the soil long before we plant a garden we have less pests and a much healthier yield of natures abundance. The same goes for the soul, if we care for the soul by listening to the still small voice within. If we meditate, take the time to be in nature, and have down time to contemplate we find great abundance and joy in our lives. And thus we also have less challenges, because instead of depression and the need of things and desires, and have gratitude for everything that comes our way.

Adding Soil Amendments (Adding Devotion) – If we add compost to our garden, which is made by taking ground up leaves, branches, and even food scrapes, we create a great place for lots of good microbes to thrive. And thus those microbes create thriving healthy plants. So too if we add devotion, prayer, and asking questions of the still small voice we find that our lives are enriched with joy. Thus we start to understand that nothing is separate, that everything is connected, and that we are part of the great whole… the great Universe.

Planting Seeds (Unfold Compassion and Kindness) – When spring rolls around we again work the soil slightly to loosen the soil, and plant seeds. Everything that’s needed to create a powerful tree or life giving plant is encoded within every seed. Seeds themselves are sacred objects to be revered and looked upon with awe. And so too everything that we are is encoded in our DNA. And as we take the time to plant the seeds of helping others, we unfold a particular part of who we are deep within. We unfold compassion, caring, and kindness which helps maintain the abundance of mankind.

Caring for the Plants (Nurture Gratitude and Humbleness) – Throughout the summer months we take care of  the plants tending to their needs. We water them, and give them life giving nutrition which keeps them healthy and prepares the fruit which will be forthcoming. And so too we also care for our spiritual needs by nurturing gratitude, humbleness, and the feeling of awe about being alive every single day. And even though something negative may happen to us we see the connection to the whole. And know it’s for the good of all, and for our patience and self control, plus persistence keeps us on track to bearing fruit all the days of our life.

The Harvest (The Feeling of Awe) – Then comes the fall and the harvest of abundance created by the sweat of our brow and diligence. So we climb the ladders and get on our knees and partake of the great bounty that awaits. And while doing so again we have a feeling of awe about Mother Nature, when we are reverent and understanding of her ways. And we also have that great feeling of awe when we look up at the stars at night and wonder about the universe. And thus we come full circle, and we take all the plants which have played their part and compost them to enrich the soil of the coming year. And so too we play our part in the Universe enriching the soil of the cosmos and the connection of all that exists.

We are the soil, we are the seeds, and we are the fruit, and thus all abundance springs forth from the diligence that we put forth to prepare the soil of the soul and create love on earth.

As the eyes, the palms, and the bottom of our feet, and even our ears are windows to our health. So too are gardens windows into the spiritual health of our families, communities, and even the health of our nation. Thus the more gardens we grow, the more connection we have to Mother Earth. And the more connection we have to Mother Earth, the more reverence we have for life, thus all the ills of the world can be healed by the simple act of gardening… if we allow it to be so.

Enjoy Your Garden

Dr. Paul Haider




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