“7 Ways to Feel Great About Life”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Many times we feel we have something missing in our life and because of that we start searching for that which is missing. But without some kind of direction we can wander aimlessly for years looking here and there some particular path to follow. Here are 6 ways to fill that void and start feeling better about life.


Living Life in Truth 24/7 – Living life in truth is not easy. Every day we have decisions to make and because of that sometimes it’s easy to twist the truth here and there. Or we hold back on saying something that needs to be said because of fear. But in the end we always wish we would have told the truth. When we make things up, we create a web of deceit that we have to keep track of with every person we talk to. And that weighs heavy on our shoulders trying to remember what we told this person and that person. Being in truth at all times is much easier, thus anxiety levels drop and peace filters in.

Being Loving All the Time – Being loving at all times can be very powerful and can break the mold of bad habits, and create a more loving family and community. To get stuck in a foul mood and be nasty to people only pushes those we love away. Thus we feel alone, and that lonely feeling translates into feeling spiritually alone… because the essence of God lives within every single soul. Thus if we monitor our mood, and notice when we are getting uptight, angry, and feeling out of sorts. We can take control and go inside and ask a simple question “Why am I feeling this way?” and then remedy the problem. Most people don’t take the time to understand themselves, so how can they allow the creative force to move through them… if they don’t allow joy to be expressed? We all have baggage we need to deal with, but the self-realized work through their baggage. Once all that emotional baggage is healed… joy is the only thing that remains, thus we can be totally peaceful.

Learning to Be Truly Kind No Matter the Circumstances – When we are sick, stressed, and crunched for time it’s easy to get cranky. But that’s no excuse, being angry and being unkind to people can be a habit. Most people have met anger people who used their anger to get their way. Anger is a way of manipulating the situation so that people back down. Anger is a way to not deal with all the frustrations we feel inside because we don’t work through our emotional baggage. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we can learn to change, and everyone can change, and change is good. We can learn to be kind and loving no matter what situation. It takes time, persistence, and will power… but anyone can be kind 24/7.

Learning to Have Lots of Patience – At one time in my life I didn’t have any patience. I would get upset if I had to wait any length of time. But after a while I decided being impatient was not good thing, all it was doing was making my blood pressure go up. So I let go, and now 99% of the time I have great patients. And that means living life without expectations, just being in the here-and-now, and noticing how life flows when we don’t impede the process with frustration. Learning to have great patience with people takes time, even years to develop, but it does happen if we decide “I have great patience”.

Refraining from Emotional Action – Every single person at one time or another has become emotionally upset and taken actions they regretted later. Learning to refrain from emotional action is a blessing. It can keep us from experiencing lots of pain and suffering, and keep us from creating pain and suffering for loved ones. Just as thoughts disappear, emotions also pass, and once we understand this, we no longer have to be a slave to our emotions. We know all emotions pass given time, and thus we sit back and watch… instead of getting ourselves into lots of trouble. And it’s very interesting when we do this, because most of the time whatever challenge we had disappears… so it really wasn’t anything to be upset about in the first place. Thus we feel much more at peace.

Having Gratitude for Every Little Thing – There are people who have great gratitude for every little thing that happens, be it good or bad. But most of us have a hard time being grateful for the bad things. It takes time to learn to be grateful for those things which are emotionally charged and painful. But the more we surrender, the more we understand we don’t have all the answers. Thus we also don’t have to be ruler of the universe, that’s God’s domain and we can surrender everything to our higher power. Thus we “can” be grateful for whatever comes our way. It’s amazing how gratitude can change life, our frustrations end, and we accept what we have in the here and now… and peace filters in.

Be Present – The most important aspect is being present – just be here now with the situation and peace will filter in.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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