“Why are Indigenous Children Calm and Peaceful”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1If we take a look at the Mara people in Colombia and other indigenous tribes in New Zealand, Africa, in the Rainforests of Brazil, tribes on Pacific Islands and other places which have little or no influence by western society, it’s very clear that their children are very calm and peaceful. They don’t have ADD and they are not acting out… so what’s going on?

Live in Accordance with Nature – These indigenous tribes live 24/7 in nature. They are surrounded by Great Spirit all the time and thus they feel the vibe of God, the Creator, and Great Spirit all around them, and that vibration is very calming and soothing. In our modern day society of what we call civilization we have lost touch with nature. In fact there’s a book written about this called “The Last Child in the Woods” which talks about the fact that we need nature to feel at peace. And indigenous people have a great reverence for Mother Nature, in fact the Mara tribe of Colombia feel they are the keepers of the earth, they are supposed to take care for… and work with Mother Nature.

Nothing Electronic – All of these indigenous children don’t have anything in the way of electronic gadgets to play with. There are no Ipads, no computers, no smartphones, in fact no phones at all. They don’t even have electricity, and thus they not distracted by all the electronic craziness that we. And that’s probably another reason for not having ADD and other forms of emotional challenges. I for one know for sure, that I need a break from electronics, they amp me up and make me feel jittery, thus I’m sure it must do the same thing for children.

In fact there’s something calming and soothing about putting pen to paper and writing the old fashioned way. Don’t get me wrong computers are great but at what cost? From a spiritual point of view technology they might not be helping our children. But that decision is something that our children will have to decide in the near future. In fact some people have already made great changes by letting go of all the electronic chatter and living simpler lives. Getting away from society and finding deeper meaning in nature.

Listen to Their Elders Wisdom – Instead of listening to music on their phones, Ipads, and computers, or watching TV… indigenous children listen to the stories their elders in the evenings. Thus they are able to focus and have great reverence for their elders and their wisdom. And this means that spiritual stories of great significance are also past down from one generation to another. Stories that help people to work together and survive as a society.

Use Their Imagination– Instead of having everything created for them in the way of interactive electronic games, indigenous children create games with the simplest of items, a twig here, a rock here, and they laugh and play for hours. In fact when I was visiting India where my father came from, my uncles daughter was having a tea party with two little girls with a few smooth stones… they had great imagination but next to nothing materially. It’s not what we have in the material world that count, it’s what we hold in our heart which is important. It’s about laughing, enjoying life, and trying to make the world a better place. It’s a spiritual process… one that’s been lost to our modern age of toys and gadgets. In fact right now we have lots of kids who are depressed… not so with indigenous cultures.

Very Simple Food – In the US and other parts of the civilized world we have lots of processed food, fast food, and food that is full of toxins which is causing ADD and other challenges in children. Not so in indigenous cultures, their food is pretty much very pristine… they grow what they need in their gardens and it’s all very simple food. From a spiritual point of view, simple food is good food, simple food is right from the vine nourishes not only the body but also the vibrational energy of our whole being. Fresh, live, simple, yet nutritious food is a gift from Great Spirit, God, and the Universe… and the results are young children who are calm and peaceful. Perhaps we have a lot to learn from these people.

A simple life has a direct connection to spirit… perhaps it’s time we started living simpler lives.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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