“Why Spiritual People are Happy People”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1There was an old guru who said “Those who are happy are truly spiritual”.

Happy = Spiritual

One attribute of being a consciously spiritual, is that when we know something needs to change we do whatever it is to be healthy, peaceful, and content with life. In other words we never put anything off just because we don’t have the time or inclination… we get busy.

Another great guru said, “To have self knowledge is great, but to have self knowledge and not use that knowledge for the betterment of self— that is self abuse” and that’s exactly what happens when we know we need to do something, but we are not willing to do it.

Say for instance we know we need to exercise, but we don’t take the time to exercise, we keep putting it off until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Thus we never take the time to get up and do what we need to do. Or if we know we need to meditate to feel better about life, and life would flow easier, but we keep making up excuses not to meditate, all of this in one form or another is self abuse.

But spiritual people take the time to look within and then reconcile what needs to be done… thus they are truly happy.

Spiritual = Action 

And thus those who are spiritually inclined take action daily to make life better not only for themselves but for everyone in the community.

Take for instance a woman who noticed refuges from Sudan coming to her community. And she felt bad because they were good people, kind and loving people, who wanted to work hard and make a living but there was no work to be found. So she would go visit these people, and found that in Sudan they were farmers… and she kept pondering the fact that they were farmers. Then a inkling of an idea came to her on day. It was something she need to do to feel good about herself and help these people. So she went to her city counsel and found open land that was not being used, and told the city counsel she wanted to start a cooperative organic farm for the refuges… and make all the refuges self sufficient.

And the city counsel thought that was a great idea and she was given a land grant for a few years. And she gave each family 1/4 acre to farm organic fruits and veggies. And every one of these families was so pleased that they worked extremely hard and ended up with a huge bounty of organic crops that they sold at the local market. And as each farmer proved himself, he or she was given a little more land. And this whole process was a win/win situation because in that particular community there were no stores to buy fresh fruits and veggies… so the community also became healthier at the same time.

And once a year the farmers would gather together and put on a huge community dinner and share with everyone in the community. And they all give thanks for the opportunity that changed their lives… going from despair to truly being successful. Thus from one person being spiritual, and having a simple idea of helping others changed everything… thus spirituality does equal action.

This means that spiritual people never allow anything to get in their way. Especially those who say “That can’t be done” because they walk to the beat of a different drummer. They know that if they try, something good will happen, but if they don’t try, nothing will happen… so why not try. So spiritual people are not just happy, they spread happiness throughout communities and nations.

Spiritual people not only take action in their own lives, they go out and make a difference in the world, because something needs to be done. And they are not get paid and make huge amounts of money. But they want to make a difference, and feel good about themselves… and be able to look themselves in the mirror and say “I Love You” and really mean it.

And when we love ourselves and love other people we can change the world, one person at a time. But it’s also interesting that eventually all these people make a living helping others… it’s all about having faith.

What can you do to spread happiness?

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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