“The Alchemy of Changing Anger to Love”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1As we make our way through the many life times of karma, we move from one type of understanding to eventually connecting to the ultimate experience of bliss. This may take eons and even hundreds of thousands of life times, but eventually it does happen. Like a moth to a flame we are drawn towards the light, and thus the light of love eventually pierces our heart. Here is the process of spiritual evolution.

Our first few lives in human form are those connected to animal instincts of survival. For instance some are Conquistadors ravishing and fighting to plunder all that can be taken. Other are Vikings who only work for survival for their clan, doing anything to survive. Some are Samurai Warriors doing the bidding of an Emperor, no matter what the cost. And the list of animal instinct lives is endless, of those who are unable to see the suffering of others and are totally immersed in the attitude of “I, ME, and MINE”. But after a few lifetimes something happens to create a crack in the thick black soot that surrounds the heart. And thus the warrior is subdued by love, and because of that… he lays down his weapons and refuses to fight.

Eventually we may move to being peasants farms, thus fearing those who would plunder the meager possessions we have. One of my past life recollections is that of being a Native American woman and having a husband and many children. And we were alway on the look out for waring tribes and those from outside that would do us harm. This life was hard because we had little rainfall on the edge of the great plains in cliff dwellings. Yet we learned to survive with hunting, gathering, and planting small gardens. And during that particular life time love opened my heart, thus I could see that everything that exists is important… and thus must be cherished.

Then we move to higher forms of appreciation of life by embodying those who have great reverence for God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Perhaps in one life becoming a Shaolin Priest, studying the precepts and spiritual texts of Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and many others. And experiencing the inner oneness of deep silence that resides in the heart through meditation… and thus awakening from slumber. This might be the great and powerful moment where we finally understand everything.

Later we may go on to embody life times as great healers, spiritual masters, teachers, and avatars. Great masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Ramana Maharshi, Paramahanza Yogananda, and thousands of others who understand deeply what it means to be living on the earthly plane, and also what it means to cross over to the other side. These masters are filled with love and peace, and they are filled with bliss. And because of that deep contentment those who are searching step forward and become followers.

These masters are the highest attainment of the soul, which takes hundreds of thousands of lifetimes to attain. Finally burning away all the anger, all the ego, all the desire, and all the fear that surrounds the feeling that “I am my body”. Thus they are finally free, free to express the explosion of bliss which expands across the Universe. A blissful love which connects to millions of souls and relieves them of suffering.

From one life time to another, we burn away the dark soot and leave only the purest of love (Gold) behind. Free at last to embrace all those who are still searching… we sooner or later go to that place of bliss.

Right now everyone is walking their own spiritual path, just the way it’s supposed too be in order to evolve as spiritual beings. So it’s important to take everything in stride and try to learn while we are here. Thus letting go of judgement and allowing everyone to move towards the light… because everyone moves through the same process with slight variations.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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