“6 Blessings We Take for Granted”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1If we look close we can see amazing blessings that have been bestowed all around us. Sometimes it takes a powerful awakening to bring us to the point of seeing everything from the light of love… but sooner or later it does happen to everyone. Here are just a few blessings that we have everyday that we take for granted.

Fresh Air to Breathe – Just think of what it would be like if we didn’t have fresh air to breathe. And in some places fresh air is at a premium but for most of us have beautiful clean fresh air that we can breathe and enjoy. And that fresh air goes into our cells and powers every part of our body. Powering up our immune system, muscles, nervous system, and especially or circulatory system. Breathing fresh air is something we normally take for granted.

Water to Drink – Most of us live where we have an abundance of fresh water. But there are some that have little fresh water and when they have rain and their crops grow, and they have lots of drinking water they are so thankful. In fact I was just talking with my mother and for the first time in a long time it was raining in California and she was thankful. Water goes into every cell in or body, and our bodies are more than 70% water. And water is the driving force in the body that allows all the enzymatic processes to take place… thus we have life. Drinking fresh water is truly a blessing.

The Ability to Walk – The majority of us have the wonderful ability to standup and walk. But there are many who don’t have that ability. Walking is simple, yet we tend to take walking for granted until we can’t walk. Walking soothes away lower back pain, strengthens our legs and cardiovascular system… and it also boosts our immune system. And walking gives us the freedom to get around and do whatever we want. And many times we take walking for granted, until like me when I broke my foot and ended up with 11 screws and a plate in my foot. It took a complete year to heal and be able to walk without pain. Walking is truly a beautiful blessing.

The Ability to Talk – I can’t imagine what a frustration it would be to not be able to talk. Most of us have the great ability to talk about our day with friends and loved ones. Here is a great experiment, go without talking for 24 hours… or better yet a whole weekend… it’s difficult, but it can be done. And it brings about a whole new perspective on how wonderful it is to have the ability to converse with other people. Talking is something we take for granted, something that’s always there but we never thing about at all. The ability to talk is truly a blessing.

The Ability to Hear – Listening to music, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, the sound of a babbling brook, and the daily sounds that we have everyday… they are all so amazing. Having hearing loss myself and wearing hearing aides I know what it’s like to not hear well. It’s one of the things I’ll never take for granted because I’ve been in situations where I couldn’t hear a thing. Just to listen to classical music or crashing waves at the ocean is so miraculous to me. And all these soothing sounds have a wonderful way of interacting with the body to bring about peace, contentment, and the ability to relax. The ability to hear is truly a gift.

Being Able to See – To look out over the vastness of a huge red wood forest and feel very small is something that’s beyond words. To look up and see the tree tops and know that the sun filters in from hundreds of feet. To live in a sightless world would be terrible. Being a photographer myself I’m always amazed at all the little things that most people miss and take for granted. Nature surrounds us even if we are standing in a vacant lot in the middle of a big city, or the Oregon coast watching waves crash on the rocks. Or watching the fog roll in over Napa Valley in California… our sense of sight is amazing.

It’s important to remind ourselves just how lucky we are.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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