“Helping Others is a Wise Decision”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1“Here are a Few Reasons Why”

Is it wise to help others? Why should we go out of our way to help people? These questions are prevalent in todays society… lets explore the wisdom of helping others.

Giving is a Way of Being Thankful – Many of us have more than what we need and because of that we feel blessed. And going out and helping others is another way of show God, the Universe, and the One and Only just how thankful we are for all the blessings we have… thus we we give thanks through the process of helping others.

No Need for Credit – There are those wonderful people that don’t want to any credit for helping others. Just like the person who paid off all the Christmas lay away items at Walmart in 3 states a few days ago. Which came to about a 1/2 million dollars… a true story. To do something anonymously really shows we don’t need credit for help others, and that in the long run it will come back to us in one way or another.

Giving Makes Us Feel Good – One young man who had been helped by his parents in many different ways all his life was finally in a position to help his parents. The family car broke down and needed extensive repairs but this parents didn’t have the money. But their high school age son who worked after school stepped up and offered to pay for the repairs with his savings. Of course his parents refused but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. In the end the car was repaired and their son felt good he was able to help his family… this is a true story about family helping family.

Society Benefits – If we help someone then society as a whole benefits. And if that person helps someone else then the process is sped up multiple times. Thus the pay it forward process of helping others grows exponentially until everyone in a society and even the world is helped in one way or another.

The Power of Selflessness – All the great human beings such as Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, Buddha and many others were selfless giving people. Their great acts of kindness, and their willingness to give pushed them to the forefront of history. Making them important people that everyone emulates. Selflessness creates loving, giving, caring people… people we look up to.

Kindness is Never Forgotten – Not long ago a farmer who made a meager living became ill and was not able to pay his property taxes. Then he was taken to court and he thought he was going to lose the farm. But at the last minute a good friend who the farmer helped through hard times paid the debt. This came out of the blue and the farmer was overwhelmed by the kindness and loving nature of his friend… this is a true story. Thus good deeds are never forgotten and come in handy when we need help.

A while back an older man with cancer was befriended by a younger man who took him shopping, took him to the doctor, and sat and talked with the old man everyday. In fact he even took the old man on a trip to Italy to see his family. And a couple of years later the old man died and left a few thousand dollars to the young man. And even though the young man didn’t want a thing the money came in handy for his college education… a true story. Thus what goes around comes around.

A Feeling of Being Connected – Not long ago there was a man who had a grocery store in a small little town. And the grocer was always helping people here and there with little things they needed and couldn’t afford. Then one day the grocer had financial troubles and all the people of the small town turned out and donated money to the grocer to pay off his debt, and the total amount he received was twice the amount he needed to pay off his debt. But the people of the town wouldn’t take the money back, they didn’t want anything in return… a true store. Thus giving creates a sense of belonging which in the end creates loving kindness.

Anxiety Melts Away– Down through the millennia it’s has been written in all the spiritual texts that it’s very important to give. And thus from a spiritual standpoint it makes sense to help those in need because we feel good when we give. And when we start giving we stop thinking about our own worries, and start thinking about how we can help people who are less fortunate… thus our anxiety starts to fade away.

Thus giving is a wise and wonderful thing to do.

May we all be blessed with the spirit of giving.

Dr. Paul Haider





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