“What Awaits Us in Heaven”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1When we cross the veil of light into heaven, nirvana, and the infinite field there are some very interesting experiences that happen while on the other side of the veil. The process of death I’ve talked about in other articles, but what about all the time we spend on the other side of the veil?

First of all we are greeted by divine beings, and after our interaction with divinity, and our life review we meet loved ones from our past. These might be great grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and even friends who have passed and are now waiting on the others side. And some of our beloved pets such as dogs, parrots, and horses and other animals are also there waiting to greet us. It’s like an old home week as everyone gathers around and remembers the good times we had as flesh and blood beings. But no words are expressed, yet everyone hears what everyone else is thinking or better yet feeling . And thus all the love, all the caring, and all the joy that everyone is feeling is out there for everyone to embrace. Feelings are the language of heaven, feelings are everything.

Then there are a periods of timelessness, because there is no time or space in heaven. It all seems like a split second, yet perhaps in the earthly realm of time it would be eons. Plus we and everyone around us are encompassed in a huge white light, an all embracing light. We can have a bodily form made from light if we want, if we think about it, and at other times we are totally thought based beings. No travel needs to be done, if we think about someone from our past who has crossed over, all of a sudden we are connected and we are embracing from a soul perspective, and exchanging feelings. It’s like mind reading, yet what we call mind on this earthly plane does not exist in heaven, we are pure consciousness.

And there are other beings around us, they are light beings, beings that seem to have wings, beings that seem to be angelic, beings that are etherial and blissful. Whenever we are near one of these beings we are enveloped in pure love, pure joy, and pure bliss. Even more than what we normally feel when we are on the other side of the veil. These beings are there to help us and guide us, and protect us on the earthly plane. And when we are in the heavenly plane they comfort us even more and sooth our soul. Sometimes these heavenly beings interact with us through telepathic connections, tell us about something on the earthly plane.

Perhaps a granddaughter is having a birthday party, and it might be nice for us to be present. So the angelic beings tell us these things, and we just think about being at the birthday party, and all of a sudden we become balls of plasma or energetic souls. We don’t have a clue we are balls of light, we just exist as consciousness. These balls of light cannot be seen with the naked eye… but some cameras can record orbs which move from place to place. Thus as orbs of light we provide moral support to those on the earthly plane. Our presence can felt by some people on earth, those who are very sensitive.

These balls of energetic plasma can also stay around for long periods of time. They congregate around rivers, water falls, crashing waves and other energetic sources of energy. Remember their is no such thing as time and space in heaven, it’s only a blink of an eye, and we are here and there and back again. Back in the heavenly realm of love, light, and all encompassing joy.

This process of moving back and forth, and being in different places happens over and over again as we check on people we love. Plus we enjoy our stay in the heavens as light beings, knowing everything that there is to know about the cosmos.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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