“7 Simple Acts of Love That Can Change the World”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Here are 7 simple acts of love which are important for us to focus on thus allowing love to thrive and heal humanity. There is no greater healing power than love, love can heal everything. Here are a few simple ways of showing love and healing the world one person at a time.

Warmly Shaking Hands Means Love – Most people never think about shaking hands as an wonderful act of love. But when someone doesn’t like a person they won’t shake hands. And thus the act of stretching out a hand in partnership is really the beginnings of something new which is based on trust. And trust has always been part of love. And loving someone and trusting someone is the basis for everything on earth. And when we place another hand over the top of two hands while shaking, we were giving the person a hand hug… and that is truly love.

Looking into Someones Eyes Means Love – To look away means we don’t want to be seen, feel ashamed, feel less important, or want to hide. But to look into a person’s eyes and feel who they are, and what they are all about is very important. Sharing our eyes with another is all about love. And as the author Tarjel Vesaas said – “Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes.”

Touching Someone’s Shoulder Means Love – The simple act of touching someone on the shoulder is a loving act in deed. We live in a world where many never feel the loving touch of another human being. And to just touch someone for a few seconds on the shoulder can melt away fear. The simple act of touching someone with kindness is very important… and it’s all about love.

Hugging Someone Means Love – There is no greater expression of love than hugging a person and showing them how much we care. To embrace a person whole heartedly and allows ourselves to be vulnerable in warm embrace. Be it a friend, a lover, family, or loved one… to hug is to share love. If the people of the world would hug in one giant embrace everything would be different.

To Listen with Intent Means Love – Listening is a powerful form of healing… that starting to disappear. Listening deeply and taking in everything a person is saying is truly love. To hear a friends story, allowing ourselves to be a sounding board for emotions is a sacred act. To be in silence and take everything a person says as important goes beyond sacredness, it’s a true act of brotherly love. And the whole world desperately needs more brotherly love in order to heal mankind.

Sharing a Simple Meal Means Love – The act of breaking bread with someone else is a sacred act. When we come together in love, come together to share meager morsels of food we have to share, that is truly an act of opening our heart and allowing someone else  into our kingdom and feel at peace. To greet all those who come our way and share whatever it is we have is love. In many cultures when a traveler arrives it’s very natural to share food. Thus in the act of helping another, we also feel at peace, because we opened our heart… sharing food is powerful act of love.

Using Endearing Words Means Love – In some cultures saying “My Love” or “Me Amor” even with a grocery clerk and is a wonderful way of creating love between to strangers. In Latin cultures, in the French culture, and other cultures words of endearment are very important… they express a feeling of really caring. These words show caring about people even when the simplest of things are taking place. In some cultures words of endearment have gone to the way side. Perhaps we need to go back and reclaim our simple words of endearment… and create more love.

All of these simple ways of showing love are automatic for many people, but for others it’s a little more difficult. But if we are going to change the world and create more love… it’s  going to be the simple things that will make all the difference. For God lives within each and every heart and it’s up to us to express that great love… thus allowing the world to heal one person at a time. It’s the small things that will heal the world, no gestures of greatness or amazing agreements… just simple acts of love and kindness.

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