“Love is All Around Us… if We Look Close”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1If we look at the natural world we see that the underlying quality that drives all life is love. Love is the key to everything that’s alive on the planet from the tiniest of living organisms to the elephant… everything thrives on love in one form or another.

Take for instance a giant elephant who is ready to charge. In reality she is only trying to protect her young, and will do so with great ferocity and passion to the point of even giving up her own life. Thus protecting other lives and sacrificing ones own life, to do so is the purest form of love.

And the alligator of the South Eastern part of the US will care for it’s young for a very long time. And if anything comes within yards of her young the mother will take out after the intruder and will protect her young with great fortitude. Again this is a built in instinct to protect her young… the essence of love.

Even a rattlesnake doesn’t want a confrontation with a hiker. It’s only when someone inadvertently steps on a snake or too close to one, that a rattlesnake will try to save his own life. But before doing so it will rattle to make sure the intruder knows he is armed and will protect himself. For it’s also important that all life preserve it’s self for the good of the species… thus love abides in everything on the planet.

And if we think about trees, they too have a way of loving one another. Trees have long roots that intertwine with one another, sending messages to the group of trees around, them telling all the rest of the trees of impending danger. They also share nutrients in order to help some of the trees which are not doing well. And like the acacia tree in Africa which gives off a special chemical sent telling all the trees around them, to arm themselves with chemicals keeping herbivores from munching on them, thus saving the trees lives—- thus this too is love.

If we look at the saguaro cactus of Arizona we find that the cactus creates flowers that can only be fertilize by a special bat. And the nectar of the flowers can only be reached by the long tongues of these bats. Thus they live together helping one another to survive… again another act of love.

And if we think of a forest and the leaves of a forest falling from the trees and starting to decompose and turning into compost. Then seeds from the trees alight on the forest floor and because of that rich soil, those seeds start to grow and thrive, because of the great love of all those trees around them.

Take for instance the sun, it shines 24 hours a day, it never stops, it creates life on the planet, it brings warmth to everything. It never tires, it never stops, no matter what happens the sun keeps shining… a simple tireless act of love. Indigenous tribes all around the world feel that the sun is truly a very giving being… alive with a soul full of love.

If we look at the green and blue globe that we live on, Mother Earth collects moisture from the oceans. And then the water vapor forms clouds which travel to the mountains and provide life giving water in the form of rain or snow. Which slowly trickles into steams, towards larger streams, and then into rivers and then back to the ocean. And all along the journey it provides water and nutrients so that everything in existence can thrive. Thus the living organism divine mother earth… spreads love near and far to everyone and everything around.

And if we look at the universe as a whole, we see that some areas of the universe are giving birth to stars, galaxies, planets, and amazing new worlds. While in other places some older worlds are being recycled into black holes to be spewed into the universe and thus starting anew. The cycle of renewal, a cycle of rebirth, a cycle of new beginnings, and thus all life starts out from nothing, to create something, and back again. One with God, the Universe, and the Infinite Field… and One with Love forever more expanding into the far reaches of the cosmos.

Thus it’s up to us to choose our perspective, to see love, or not… and make our reality accordingly.

Dr. Paul Haider





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