“Seven Important Aspects of Being Happy”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1There are 7 very important aspects to every human being. They are spiritual in nature and need our attention. These 7 areas are talked about in spiritual texts as vitally important. And if all 7 aspects are cared for… a person will be happy.

Examine the Day – Many people never take the time to just be, they are always moving, doing something, trying to make more. But happy people take the time to look within, and contemplate what they believe. That means just before going to bed they have a internal conversation about what went well, and what could have gone better. They examine the process and make a course corrections on their life compass. Plus they also journal about their past to clear up old emotional baggage holding them back… thus they are free and feel at peace.

Work With Your Mind – Our mind is like a computer, it takes info in and creates infinite possibilities. And like a computer if we put junk in, we get junk out. This means purging everything which is the opposite of love from our mind. Removing excessive television and computer use, addictions, negative thoughts, and even friends and acquaintances which are toxic… and thus our life becomes peaceful.

Embrace Spirit – A person can have a great looking body and have lots of money, but at the same time feel there’s no purpose to life. Their spirit is depleted, their power within or Qi energy is being depleted, and their heart light grows dim. This is where meditation, prayer, being in nature, and giving love become important. When we give love without expecting anything in return we are given in return. Giving fills us up with the light and love of the Universe. There have been many people with nothing in the way of material things, but were full of love and felt happy. People such as Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandella and many more people. Their faith was powerful, and cultivating faith cultivates a strong spirit.

Have Lots of Relationships – Relationships are crucial for every soul on the planet. Human beings needs family or loved ones around them… otherwise we feel alone and depressed. And this means putting in the time to care for our spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and all the other people in our life. In fact it’s a spiritual process of one soul helping another. Because when two people come together with a loving vibration, that vibration is multiplied and thus boosts the vitality of both people. That’s why in spiritual texts it reads, “When Two or More Come Together in My Name” and that name is love. Thus it’s vitally important to care for our relationships.

Love That Beautiful Body – Our body is a powerful instrument. As is says in all spiritual texts, we are take care of our temple (Bodies)—where God resides. Caring for our body is important in order to feel good and have energy. To exercise, eat right, drink lots of water, get out in nature, de-stress with Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, allows us to feel great. Caring for our body is like having a savings account. If we make deposits daily later in life we have lots of reserve to live on. But if we keep withdrawing energy from our savings account, we feel depleted and used up. Thus harmony with every aspect of our body is important to feel at peace.

Have Friends Over – We are not islands unto ourselves, we need community. In Native American culture everything in life centers around the tribe or community. Thus when we interact with our community we stand strong and thus we feel good… because we have people we can count on. Studies show that those who are happy have connections with lots of people in their community. They share meals, and they go out and have fun together, and they work together for the health and well being of everyone.

Love Your Job – We can’t live without some kind of income coming in, and that’s why doing something we love is very important… something that generates income and helps mankind. If we work at what we love then money will automatically flow in our direction. Take for instance the inventor of the Segway— Dean Kamen. Even as a child loved machines, and all of his life he created exciting inventions. And thus money came in his direction. That’s not to say that he did not have his ups and downs, he did. But when we work at something we love we are in heaven. We feel good about life and thus the Universe gives back in like kind.

With all 7 areas being cared for and in balance people feel happy, healthy, and peaceful.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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