“How to Create a Spiritually Fulfilling Day”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Here are a few ways to start the day with a spiritual connection and have a spiritually fulfilling day. Remember it’s important to start the day with a smile, standing tall, with power in every cell… feeling good about life. Thus we can find peace, contentment, and love for everyone and everything. Thus stress is a thing of the past, and spiritual energy flows like water, percolating though every part of our body.

Make a Spiritual To Do List– Make a list of what needs to be done, but listen to what God as the stills small voice is saying… which is much more important than the regular to do list. Just sit for 5 minutes and listen and ask the question – “What needs to get done today” and a little voice might say “You need to take the kids to the park” or “I need to call my Mom” or “ I need to take some time off and get away for at least an hour”… all of which are very important but have nothing to do with work. Most people are so busy with work and family that they forget about listen to God… and making the most important to-do list of all.

Walk and Pray – Going for a short walk and as a person is walking saying a prayer is powerful. There is nothing better than getting out in nature under the big blue sky and walking. And walking helps to get rid of aches and pains in general, and heal back issues, and it also helps to ease the mind and create peace. And talking to Our Maker, having an interactive one-on-one with God can be very healing and cleansing aspect of walking. When we ask for guidance that still small voice of God is always there to keep us on the right track… all we have to do is listen. The prayer can be very simple such as “God Please Guide Me” and then wait and listen to the small voice within. It may say “Love Everyone — and See Everyone and Everything as Important”. But whatever it says those words as a guide for the day, kickstarting the whole process of living.

Exercise with God in Mind – It’s one thing to exercise but it’s a totally different to exercise with God in mind. Instead of just working out, take the time to listen to your body, because the wisdom of the body is God speaking to us. Perhaps you have some aches and pains, then talk to that ache and ask what it needs in order to be healed. It’s amazing that right away a still small voice will answer and perhaps say “I need some stretching to make this pain disappear” or “I need to build up strength in my back” and other things that the body is concerned about. Thus body wisdom will tell a person just exactly what it needs that day. Thus workouts go smoother and with more results.

The Spiritual Process of Calming the Mind – There is nothing better to start the day off right than to meditate and clear the mind of clutter, thus allowing the body to be at peace. Right after getting up and using the bath room it’s important to sit down in the same place, at the same time, and meditate in total silence. Going inward to find peace. Meditation allows us to feel connected, at ease, peaceful, and full of life. And meditation also helps us to get along with other people at work, have more creativity, and create feelings of satisfaction about life in general. Also stress hormones such as cortisol stop being produced, and that means we also lose weight because cortisol causes the body to store fat.

Meditation is very simple, yet it takes practice. Simply just sitting comfortably in a upright chair or cross legged on the floor. In room that is not too warm or too cold. Then closing our eyes and slowing going through every body part and saying “Now I relax my arms, Now I relax my neck” and so forth. And when the whole body has been scanned and relaxed then just concentrating on breathing, breathing in and breathing out. And whenever the mind wanders just simple reminding ourselves to go back to our breathing… in and out. Do this for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, and everything will be much more peaceful.

Using these 4 processes everyday will help a person feel at ease, ease tensions, and create a deep feeling of contentment. Thus the day goes well, stress is a thing of past, and life flows with ease. Give it a try!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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