“Healing Fear and Disease”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Fear is a prevalent now with wars and refugees moving here and there, many people have lots of fear. And fear brings about disease including kidney disease, liver disease, and different types of cancer. But there are many ways to heal fear, which in the end heals disease, here are 5 amazing ways to heal fear and become healthy.

Remember Who You Are – We were made in the image of God, and thus how can we be anything less than part of HIM? We are the sons and daughters of the Most High… as it states in spiritual texts. So if God lives with each and every heart…  how can God be fearful? That’s impossible! It’s essential that we remember who we are, and affirm that thinking throughout the day with the following affirmation…

“I Fear Nothing — I Let Go of All Fear — I Am One With God”.

Surrender to Creator – Next it’s vitally important that we surrender. In the world and especially in the US, there is a feeling that if we keep fighting that sooner or later we can make it through anything. That’s kind of a John Wayne attitude, and it’s all well and good, that we can bust through anything. But when we have fear that internal fight creates anxiety, and anxiety creates more fear… thus surrender is vital for healing. Surrender is not putting up a white flag and giving up, in fact it’s just the opposite, we just quit fighting the process, and accept what we have before us. Thus we have peace and tranquility which filters into our life, and everything starts to heal. Here is a little quote that’s very important to say out loud every day…

“I Surrender to Your Will God… Thy Will Be Done”

I Am Never Alone – Sometimes when we have fear, we have a feeling that we are alone. Alone because we are alone with our thoughts, and many times we don’t want to share those feelings, because we are afraid of what other people might think. Thus it’s important to have someone to talk too, and God is always there for us deep down in our heart. And talking out loud to God is a great thing to do. Do this in private, talk to God, tell God what you’re feeling deep down inside. Tell him about being fearful, about having lots of anxiety and stress. And then listen to the still small voice that answers and write it down. Because whatever God come up with, is very important and needs to be remembered. Also say the following affirmation daily…

“I Am Not Alone — God is Always With Me”

Accept Your Fear – It’s pretty natural to have fear… even when people go to war if they don’t have some kind of fear there’s something wrong. To negate fear and push it down, never expressing those feelings only makes it worse. Because sooner or later all that fear will all come out… one way or another, with some kind of emotional response or some bodily illness. And when this happens it’s another good time to talk to God, just say…

“Help Me God — I Know You Feel My Fear”

I Will Get Through Everything – Start telling yourself that no matter what happens, you will get through it all… everything will work out. You’ve lived to be 30, 40, or 50 or more years old, and no matter what’s happened in your life, you’ve always come out the other side and felt great. And this time it’s no different… you will come out the other side and everything will be find. Say the following affirmation daily…

“I Will Be Fine — Everything Always Works Out”

All five of these processes are very important for healing bodily fear. And it will take some time… this will not happen over night. But eventually the fear will subside and your body will heal… and life will be good.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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3 Responses to “Healing Fear and Disease”

  1. Caroline Munoz says:

    Dear Dr. Haider,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you always for every single email you send. I have learned so much from you and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you so very much!!!! You have helped me so much! I have tears in my eyes for the stories you send, for the solutions you have and for letting me know God much better than before. I had to learn the hard way but your support has been amazing… and sometimes it’s just a little word you wrote. Thank you so very much for everything you do!!

    Thank you!!

    Kind regards, Caroline Munoz

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