“We are Farmers of Choice and Consciousness”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1As conscious beings we have a choice, and with that choice comes great power which leads to great change. And our consciousness lives inside of us and throughout everything in the Universe. Thus all that we connect to in the Universe has consciousness because we are part of that grand experience… but what is our choice?

Take for instance a farmer, he feels he is part of his farm as custodian of the soil, and also all the livestock that he cares for. And indirectly he also cares for all the fungi in the soil… which creates the possibility of life on this planet. And he also cares for all the zillions of microbes which grow in the soil and within every being on the planet.

Consciousness does not end at our skin, it extends far beyond all that. It stretches out into the solar system, touching every rock, every ice crystal, mineral, gas, and everything else that makes up all the planets. And our consciousness also permeates the vast ether of space, for space is “Not” full of nothingness, it’s full of cosmic rays, gases, dust, light waves, gama rays, and a endless variety of energies that go on forever.

And down further into the micro reactions of quarks and electrons and all the minute particles, that are so tiny yet so powerful, that blink in and out of existence… our consciousness is also part of the powerful subatomic world.

But what of our choice?

All of this works in harmony with the Universe… if we have harmony within. 

Take for instance, if we become entangled with hatred, anger, greed, and other lower vibrational thoughts. Those thoughts are not just our thoughts, out to the edge of our skin, they are also entangle with the microbes and fungi in the soil. And they become connected, thus making changes in the rocks, crystals, minerals, and gases of all the planets, and all the cosmic rays, cosmic dust, and light waves that travel throughout the vast Universe. Thus all of our collective consciousness vibrates at different frequencies when we have anger, greed, and hatred… and thus everything is put into motion in a whole different way.

But if we have harmonious thoughts of love, peace, and contentment. Those higher vibrational frequencies reverb out into consciousness creating a blissful connection to all that exists in the Universe. Thus in a very rudimentary way we are farmers, farmers of consciousness which stretches out into the endless vastness of space, which goes on forever as far as we know. From one thought of love, to another thought of peace, to another thought of anger, and then to hatred. All that exists picks up these sympathetic vibrations which change the outcome of tomorrow… and what we come to understand as reality in the here-and-now.

Thus in our reality we have a choice, a choice born from being, a choice born from the connection to our soul. And thus all that we know as the Universe is playing together as a concert of sorts. A concert which reflects the power, the might, and harmony or the lack of harmony within… and out into space.

Thus what we do, what we say, and what we think changes everything. If we can open our minds, and see that we are not disconnected from anything… in any way, shape, or form. Thus if we change, life changes, it’s up to us, it’s always been our choice, it’s about changing our reality… and the reality of the Universe.

Thus I ask everyone of you to be cognizant of all your thoughts… and thus we can change everything that exists. From the lack of harmony that we have now, we can change to conscious harmony, and thus endless peace, love, and the eternal bliss. It’s up to us, it’s always been up to us… we have the power, and we always will have the power. So go out and remember that everything that we create has consequences. And thus it’s up to us to change the world.

Many Blessings to All the Sentient Beings Who Shape the Universe…

We Have The Power of Choice!

Dr. Paul Haider





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