“How to Enjoy the Hardships of Life”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Life in general comes with many ups and downs, good things happen and bad things happen, it’s all part of living. But we can overcome all of this if we allow the sweetness of the God/Universe to take over our life. Then everything that comes our way is understood and enjoyed no matter how hard it might be.

If a person is going through a divorce and there is no sweet taste of God on their tongue, they may become bitter and look for revenge, or take advantage of the other person. But when they have the love of God on their lips, they see the other person as a very important tool for learning vital lessons and thus understand and allow all anger to melt away. Thus he clings to the one thing thing that will never leave him—God/Universe.

If a loved one dies perhaps a mother or father… without contemplation, meditation, and prayer some people become depressed and see everything in life as negative. But with the love of God/Universe in their heart they see that everything has a season and a reason. And thus they cherish all the moments they had with their mother or father. And they know that feelings of sorrow and loss are just feelings, and that they too will pass away, but the one thing they cling to will never leave them— God/Universe.

If a business fails some people without a connection to the One and Only become depressed and even suicidal. But those who have a direct connection to the God/Universe know that this is just a passing phase, and thus know deep down inside that they will overcome and get through all of this. And come out the other side and feel good about everything… and have love in their heart.

And the one who is destitute, who is totally broke will look at the whole process as a very important learning lesson, and never give up on God. Instead they praise the divine and have love in their heart at all times, no matter what they have to go on. They understand that all bodily feelings of hunger and thirst, are just that… “feelings”. And those feelings will come and go while life has it’s ups and downs. But there is one thing that will never leave… God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Perhaps a man has a business partner who cheats him and he ends up with nothing. The average man would get angry and curse the business partner. But the one steeped in the love of God/Universe will understand and bless the other man, and know that soon everything will be different. Thus all feelings are anger are understood as fleeting emotions that will come and go. Thus he allows those feelings to melt away, and enables his love to take over his life.

Even if a man is injured in a car accident and becomes a paraplegic if he does not have God/Universe in his heart he may become depressed and full of rage about his life. But a man who has a deep connection to God/Universe will understand and make the best of life. And he will even go out and help others who are in the same predicament. Thus instead of having anger and lashing out at the world, the one who holds the God/Universe in his heart… will allow love to permeate the world.

Thus the keys to enjoying life are not about the worldly ups and downs that everyone goes through. It’s all about being in love with the God/Universe which is very important. And this takes practice, it takes great love, and it takes going inward with contemplation, meditation, and prayer. But sooner or later all of this work pays off. Because when something catastrophic comes into our life we are able to handle all of it. In a loving, caring way that even amazes the one we see in the mirror. Thus life is very different and everything starts anew.

So how will you handle the ups and downs of life?

That’s the most important question!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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