“Understanding the One Connection We Have With God”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1It’s interesting that there are thousands of different names for God. And everyone feels they have the right name for God. And if someone doesn’t agree, or abide by what they feel about their God, they become angry.

But what do we really know about God? 

Here are just a few names that people have given God over the centuries: God, That, Brahma, Christ, Jesus, Atman, Allah, Eshwara, Highest Self, Holy Spirit, Infinite Consciousness, Nameless One, The Cosmos, The One and Only, The Universe, Jehovah, Krishna, Shiva, The Tao, The Great Spirit, The Force, The Total Reality, Vishu, Yahweh, Wakan Taka, OM, None Dual Awareness, Infinite Source, The Great I AM, Divine Mother, Divine Presence, The Flow of Life, Life Force, and the list goes on for about 2000 names— it’s pretty amazing.

In reality all names of God are just that, a name… in fact how are we put a name to something which is formless, omnipresent, and omnipotent? That which knows all and sees all? That which knows our thoughts, knows our feelings, and that which knows our deepest darkest secrets? Any name would fall short of describing something like that. In fact our human consciousness has a hard time wrapping itself around something are large and as vast as God. We even have a hard time looking up at the night sky and considering the vastness of the universe, let alone grasping the concept of God.

Yet everyone seems to have all the answers about God, and they want to impose their ways of understanding God upon everyone else. That’s kind of like placing our hand in a black box and grabbing hold of something furry and saying it’s a bunny. In reality it could be a rat, a mouse, a skunk, or even a furry blanket for that matter. But that doesn’t seem to detour people from knowing everything about the one thing… that most people know very little about.

Yet everyone does know something about God, in fact in some ways we know a lot about God. Because that energy, that consciousness lives in our heart. And we can connect to that energy at any time… if we want to. And that’s the whole crux of the matter, most people don’t want to connect to that place of God within them. In fact lots of people don’t even want to learn meditation because they might find out something about themselves. Those feelings we have, those little fleeting thoughts, those serendipitous connections we have, those gut wrenching feelings we have, all come from the same place… God. But most people don’t want to connect to those feelings, they would rather stay numb and live in their head, than to connect to the one thing that connects people without words—FEELINGS.

In fact even the words “I AM THAT I AM”

How does a person wrap that little phrase in words and describe it, it can’t be done— it’s a feeling. And feelings are exactly what most people try to avoid, but life itself can be found in feelings. Feelings are powerful, feelings change life, and feelings hardly ever need words, and feelings never need thoughts, they are just that— feelings. Take for instance when we see an image of a beautiful autumn day in the Maine, it creates a feeling deep down inside that can’t be expressed in words. Or if we see a photograph of a car wreak, it creates a feeling which is hard to explain. Or if we look at a baby we feel something deep down inside which is amazing.

What we try not to connect too in the way of feelings, is exactly what we need to connect to in order to understand God. Thus when we have a feeling of God, a presence, and a connection, there are no words to describe what we are feeling, it’s not possible. And our meager attempts to name God in reality mean nothing… they are only attempts to make something is intangible – tangible. So what we really need to know we don’t want to know, yet we keep trying to do it with words and thoughts.

What’s most important…

Is to go inside and feeling everything…

Thus we know everything which is vital and crucial to life.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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