“9 Quantum Principles For Healing”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1We live in the quantum world, and that means that everything we think, say, and do has an impact upon everything else including our life. There are a few points that many people in this age of cosmic particles have forgotten. These principles are important, if taken to heart they could mean a powerful shift on our planet. If everyone in the world would take to heart all of these quantum principles everything would change.

We are conditioned beings, our past has conditioned us in a certain way, thus we react the way we do. To be truly free means we have to break free of our past and become liberated. No longer tied to old ways of thinking, and no longer tied to old ways of acting, we become the new millennium star children. Free to find new ways to heal all the world.

We can consciously create our day with intentions. This means that we can create out of thin air, (of course within reason), what we want everyday. The Universe will respond depending upon our positive emotional outpouring that we put into the intention. Thus we can change our life and all the lives around us.

We can make a paradigm shift in our life at any time. That means that our old ways of thinking, our old ways of solving problems can take on a whole new process and thus heal the world. The only true paradigm shift that would work to heal the world is to work with love. Thus nation would heal nation and the world would heal in no time at all.

We see the whole world as part of ourselves, we let go of seeing the world as separate from us. Or seeing the world as a battleground, or some kind of machine, or some kind of twisted trap, or as pure science, or anything else— all we see is love. Thus we start to heal the world, by healing the one we see in the mirror.

We see the world not as material things but as possibilities. Even if we take quantum particles and do experiments, if we watch those experiments the particles react differently… thus we are part of everything. And this means that our thoughts interact with everything, we are not just material beings, we are pure consciousness which interacts with the multiverse. This means we are to only think about the highest good, and amazing love, for everyone and everything at all times, thus our world will heal and the world around us.

We are not separate from anything. Down through the ages we have felt alone, separate, and disenfranchised from “THAT” but in reality with quantum physics we are not separate from anything, we are truly one with it all. Thus it’s important to see everything else as part of us and treat everything in a loving away.

We are more than duality— the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the rights, the wrongs, these attempts to limit our power… do just that. But we are limitless, timeless beings that are here and there and everywhere all at the same time. There is no such thing as duality if we decide to do away with duality. Thus we would find new ways of healing the world and creating peace in the here and now.

We are part of the quantum mechanic consciousness which creates reality. This means that the words “I AM THAT I AM” really mean— whatever we can conceive and believe becomes reality. Thus we have the power!

We are the emotions we hold inside, as with Dr. Emoto’s research with water and labeling water with words like love, peace, bliss, and other words such as hate, anger, rage, then the water when blown into snow flakes. Thus the water takes on a beautiful or terrible look depending upon the word of emotion. Thus our feelings, our words, our way of being in the world changes everything from the water in our bodies and the planet itself. Thus it’s important to always love everyone and everything, if we are to heal the world… and the one we see in the mirror.

If we combine all of these principles together— they boil down to exactly what all the great saints and avatars came to tell. We are Love, We are Limitless, We are Powerful, and We can do Anything— if we only believe. That means making an powerful intention of loving everyone and everything and sticking to that intention forevermore.

We Can Do This!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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