“Resetting Our Karmic Clock”

Even when we try to do the best there’s always some negative aspect created by even the best of intentions. Thus our karma changes and we change accordingly. But there are few things we can do to make our karma clock move in a positive direction. Our karma clock is given to us set at 12 noon, but as we progress though many life times, we move our karma clock forwards or backwards depending upon what we decide to do with our intentions.


It’s important to be of pure of thought, if we see something happening such as a car accident, and our first inclination is to run over and see if we can help. Then we should stop resisting and go help. Otherwise if we don’t help we start negative karma which pulls us down which starts a cycle of more negative karma. If we have a thought which is negative about someone, we can learn to let go of those thoughts and transform them into positive thoughts thus minimizing our negative karma. All karma starts in the mind, thus the mind is a perfect place to begin when it comes to learning to reset our karmic clock.

Perhaps we are talking and have a slip of our tongue and before we know it a negative thought comes spilling out that which creates a negative spin on our karma clock. But if we catch that little slip up and next time don’t all those thoughts and consequence words to be uttered from our mouth then our karma clock spins in a positive direction to move us forward to our goal of bliss. It might be that someone needs help, perhaps they are down and out and need attention but for some reason we feel we are too busy and brush them off. That too creates a negative spin on our karma clock. But if we take the time to help that person, given them our constant attention, and even try to make their challenge disappear… a positive spin of time takes place on our karma clock.

And even if we try our best to explain why we are doing something in order to help someone else, there will be those who will see it in a negative light and thus there will be a movement forward on our karmic clock and a slight movement back on our karmic clock. This means we always have to be moving forward as much as possible in order to keep the small negatives spins of our karmic clock from adding up and moving us further away from our goal. Whenever we complain or concentrate on the negative side of anything, or look at life from a negative perspective for any length of time, we put a negative spin on our karmic clock. But if we allow ourselves to concentrate on the positive even though there’s negativity all around us, we again place a positive spin on our karmic clock. Thus the more we look at life in a positive way, and make it a habit to look at life in a positive light, the more we move our karmic clock forward.

All actions are to be weighed, all of our thoughts are to be looked at, and our speech is to be filtered thus creating a positive spin on the karmic clock. Thus the wheels of the karmic clock are moved forward according to the cause and affect of our positive deeds leading to our ultimate destiny. Thus we can listen to the primeval sound of the Universe and understand our place in this vast expanse. By allowing all that is bitter sweet to be burned away in the sacred fires of destiny. And thus allowing the great ego “I” to melt away and the true self to emerge, thus taking it’s rightful place sitting on the throne of our heart. With the true self reining supreme as the rightful leader of our conscious and unconscious mind we are set free. Free of karma and free of animalistic tendencies… thus we are truly set free.

Thus the process of resetting our karmic clock is much more important that we think. It’s the basis of life, making it very important to wind our karmic clock in the direction of true self… and attaining bliss.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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