“How to Handle Criticism”

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In this day and age it’s very important to know how to handle criticism. One way to handle criticism is to lash out and this creates a wave of karma which only brings about more pain and suffering. Every spiritual person down through the ages has had criticism to deal with, be it Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, or anyone else, they all had their critics. And every single one of them were great at handling criticism. Here are a few pointers about how to handle criticism.

Take in all the criticism as being valid and be thankful for the person pointing it out. Go within and try to make changes, it’s important for us to not refute or try to push our own point of view upon the other person. Whenever we try to change someone’s mind, they resist, and thus nothing is accomplished.

Thus it’s important for us to go within and in our minds eye see the other person as a small child trying to do what they think is right. Allow him or her to be happy walking their path, they may be right or wrong, that doesn’t matter, just see them as vulnerable and needing love. And mentally send lots of love to them, and yes this does takes practice, it’s much easier to lash out, especially when we have feelings that are hurt and feel attacked. But the practice of being centered and calm and full of love is even more powerful. Thus being centered we can respond in a very loving way, thus moving our karmic clock forward in a positive direction.

Even thou they seem misguided, most critical people are really trying to help. Thus it’s important to heal our heart and not bear a grudge against them. One way to heal our heart is to go inside, thus telling the one we see in the mirror “I Love You” over and over multiple times. And then going inside and saying “I Am Sorry” multiple times. It’s amazing how healing it can be to say “I Am Sorry” to ourselves… it’s like a ton of bricks being lifted from our shoulders.

Next it’s important to see the critical person standing in front of us in our minds eye. And allowing ourselves walking over and hugging them, and holding them as though they were a crying baby. Because most people who are critical feel hurt and need love. Now allow the image of the critical person to magically melt into the image of yourself thus becoming one, and accepting them just the way they are. Next it’s important that we notice the smile that appears on our face. Because we feel good about having the ability to love this person. For in reality if we look at everything from a place of wholeness we are ONE with everything.

And if angry or thoughts of revenge come to mind now and then, repeat the last few steps until nothing remains except love and acceptance… thus allowing all anger to disappear. And it’s important that we also don’t allow critics to get us down creating depression, sadness, and a lack of love for the one we see in the mirror. Criticism will come and go, criticism is a part of life, not one single person on the planet has ever escaped criticism. So it’s important that we see criticism as a natural process that make us stronger, and a process of making us more loving and kind. Thus allowing peace to filter into our soul, healing the one we see in the mirror.

And criticism is also a process of showing us the correct way to deal with the world, no matter how difficult it might be. If we can deal with criticism in a loving manner then the rest of what we have going on in life will be easy. Thus life will take on a new dimension full of joy and excitement. And when we don’t allow criticism to create anger, we are well on our way to healing all the ills of the world.

Thus the answer to working with criticism is love.

And love is the key to healing everything in life.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr Paul Haider




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