“Doing Less — Thus Having More”

We have a culture that thinks that always doing more is important. But we also have a culture of people who are stressed to the max and feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Because people have so much going on that they feel disconnected from peace and contentment. But there is a remedy, it’s been around for a along time waiting for people to embrace it… and thus find peace.

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The “Feeling Crazy Syndrome” is very common in the states and all over the world right now. That syndrome is when we feel so busy that we can’t stop and get in touch with our own body. We go from waking up in the morning, to making breakfast, to getting everyone off to school, and then rushing off to work. Putting in our hours at work, and then rush back to pick up the kids, and take them to piano lessons, ballet class, soccer practice, and more… and then starting dinner. Then getting the kids ready for bed and if possible watching a little TV. And very late at night finally going to bed… and people wonder why they feel so stressed.

But in indigenous cultures around the world they don’t have all that stress, and they don’t have the “Feeling Crazy Syndrome”. They have a lots of down time and peace, they only hunt and gather food for 3 to 4 hours a day. But they also have a lot of down time to sit and tell stories about their ancestors, and share stories of wisdom.

Where have the stories about our ancestors gone? And where have the stories of wisdom disappeared too? Yes it’s important to do what we need to do, but we also need to teach our children about wisdom and where we came from, and all the spiritual wisdom we can pass onto them. But this means letting go of a few things in order to have time to tell stories and share with family and extended family.

As baby boomers in the 40’s and 50’s we still lived on farms and worked hard. But we also had time for sharing with family and create a feeling of love, love was the adhesive which held everything together. Also at that time, everyone was always home for dinner together, and they also ate breakfast together. And on Sundays the extended family come together to share. And in the evenings they would sit on the porch and look up at the Milky Way Galaxy in awe, and wonder what it was all about. But in this day and age we have lost the art of eating together, telling stories, sharing, and looking up at the night sky. Instead we have smartphones, tablets, and computers, and we are connected to 24/7 and that creates a lot of stress.

Perhaps it’s time for people to move away from the cities, and move back to the country and remember what it’s like to have peace and share love with the whole family. It is possible! And it’s actually being done by many people who see that modern life… is not working. And thus they are moving back to the farm and becoming organic farmers. And having more down time, and at the same time bringing families together. Thus having the time to share stories and wisdom, and sitting on the porch and look up at the night sky and ponder what it’s all about.

Moving away from cities, and moving back to the farm is not easy. It takes a deep commitment to change, and change on the average is never easy. But people are doing it, they’ve said “Enough is Enough”, they have decided they need more than what modern society can give. They want more for their children, and they want a more from life, not the same old day-in-day-out drudgery. They want a life, a life where they feel excited about being alive.

And they also want to teach their children their values, not the values of society in general… which takes over the minds of their children. And they want their children to be connected to the soil and the planet, giving them a great reverence for nature. Thus with a new beginning a brand new culture will rise up, and take the place of the old society. A new culture of peace, love, and wisdom which will thrive for centuries to come.

It’s time for a change,

and the time is now!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider






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