“Good People Come in Last — Not True”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1There is an old saying “Good People Come in Last” but in reality that’s not true. There have been lots of great people down through the centuries who have inspiring stories of love, peace, and greatness, people who most don’t even know about. And that doesn’t matter, history has recorded their legend for all eternity. Perhaps we have much to learn from this great people.

What about the inspiring story of Jorge Munoz who said — “It’s the right thing to do” a simple school bus driver from Queens NY who drove bus during the day. And at night went home after a long days work and on his small stove cooked meals for the hungry people on the streets using his own money. He would stand on the corner and give out food to anyone who needed something to eat. Not that he wanted to be famous or inspire anyone, he just wanted to help. May we all be blessed with such love.

Take for instance what Socrates said — “All men’s souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine”. Perhaps this sums up everything in life. To live by our morel code, to do what’s right even in the face of death… what more is there to be sought.

And What About Lao Tzu who said — “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” Lao Tzu was a man who really never had any fame or fortune, yet his teachings live on centuries after his death. Some how what Lao Tzu felt deep down inside rings true with millions of people around the world… and thus Lao Tzu in his own right is immortal.

And Albert Einstein who said — “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” A man of great intellect who even said that most of his greatest break throughs in science came when he stopped thinking and listened to the still small voice within. A humble man, a simple man, a man who started out in an office pushing paper here and there, but he had lots of time to ponder and think. Now he is one of the greatest minds who ever lived.

And what about Julio Diaz who said — “Here have my coat” as he was being held up by a mugger who wanted his wallet. But Julio took off his winter coat and held it out to the man knowing he was cold. Later that night the two men went to dinner and laughed, and forgot about the whole thing. And this whole process changed the mugger forever. How many of us have that much love inside?

And what about Christopher Reeves who said — “In the morning, I need twenty minutes to cry. To wake up and make that shift, you know, and to just say, ‘This really sucks,’ to really allow yourself the feeling of loss. It still needs to be acknowledged.” What a legend, what a man of great strength that came through with flying colors when everything was at it’s worst. A man of great moral fiber, a man of peace, love, and compassion for everyone even when he had powerful challenges of his own. May we all hold his strength and love forever in our hearts.

Plus J. K. Rowling the Author of Harry Potter books who said — “The only reason my book was published was because the daughter of a CEO of a publishing company begged him to publish my book.” From hardly being able to pay her bills to becoming a literary giant who has inspired millions of people. A person who is still a humble person, and feels that all her fans are the most important aspect of all. May we all be so humble and allow our humility to create greatness.

All of theses loving, kind, gentle souls have gone down in history. Not that they were trying to make a legend for themselves. But because they had love deep down inside. People of great moral fiber, people of great peace, people who were humble, with the ability to give love to everyone in every way possible.

We all have this amazing ability within, if we allow ourselves to listen to the still small voice and take action accordingly.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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