“The Power of Healing, Belief, God and the Mind”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1A while back someone said: “The issue with my kidney disease is about ‘reading too much information’ I guess partly due to being an auditor and accountant, I’m a very detail kind of person. But now I’m realizing that having too much information doesn’t do any good. Now I don’t look everything up because God is greater than fear… and where there is fear God can’t exist.”

Knowledge is great, but belief is even more powerful. This man knows that his kidney disease is directly related to his fear. And he has finally come to understand the power of his conscious and unconscious mind to heal the cause of this illness. As Dr. Herbert Benson from Harvard University said “All Healing is the Placebo Effect”. Also in studies it’s been shown that when we take a powerful injectable sleep inducing medication, and give it to someone telling them the drug is a powerful drug that will keep them awake all night long, they are up all night, and are not sleepy at all. And if we give someone a powerful drug that will keep them awake all night, but tell them it’s a powerful sleep inducing drug… they fall asleep right away and don’t wake up until the next morning.

So what is the difference between a drug having a true interaction with the body, and the mind telling the body how it should react? Perhaps there is no difference at all, in fact all drugs may work as a placebo… just because we believe they will work. In fact the world renowned biologist Bruce Lipton in his book “The Biology of Belief” has found that the cell membrane or wall reacts differently depending upon the intentions and beliefs we have within our mind. And that most of the powerful changes in our body take place at the cell wall level.

Also there are cases of people being given a simple sugar pill and being told that it was a powerful anesthetic agent, and later they were able to due surgery without any problems or pain. There are also studies where a patient is told he is being given a new and exciting experimental drug to shrink his tumor and the tumor disappears. And when they come back and tell the patient that the drug was proven to be ineffective… the tumor grows very large and the person eventually dies.

Also Robert Hummer of the University of Texas, a social demographer followed thousands of people over many years to see if having interactions with spiritual people on a weekly basis made them live longer. And he found that those who did not have a weekly spiritual interaction had short lives, and those that did have weekly spiritual interactions lived longer, and those who went to spiritual services once in a while fell in the middle. Plus there is Daniel Hall a surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who found that those who attended regular spiritual services lived to be 3 to 5 years older… than those that didn’t attend spiritual gatherings on a regular basis.

Plus only 5% of all cancer and cardiovascular patients have any genetic background in their family connecting them to cancer and heart attacks. The rest might be attributed to what we now know as the “Study of Epigenics” and how the mind influences our cells, and especially our cell wall. And the cell wall is influenced by what we see, what we hear, what we feel, and all the other input around us. And when we have feelings of fear, feelings of dread, feelings of anxiety, feelings of bodily stress all of these feelings move us in the direction of dis-ease… and that eventually leads to disease.

Also we know that stress causes powerful changes in our cell wall, and thus stress causes the body to become more acidic. Then that acidity leads to inflammation, and thus that inflammation eventually leads to disease. Which disease we eventually come down with depends upon our unconscious programming we have been subjected too in our environment. And the environment includes the people we are around, the life we live, what we do for a living, the mindset we have, what we believe and so much more.

All of this is very interesting and amazing, because in studies those who have some kind of spiritual belief system do seem to fare better than those that don’t. Thus what we feel, what we know, what we believe all plays a very important role in our health and well being. Thus to have a regular spiritual practice can make all the difference in the world when it comes to health and healing.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider






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