“When You Said ‘I AM YOURS’ Everything Changed”

“A Conversation Between a Man and his Creator”

I Am Yours  copy

When you said ‘I AM YOURS’ everything changed, and from that point on I have always been with you. I am here to help you to settle your mind but at the same time to open your mind to possibilities. Thus I bring temptations to you now and then to see if you will succumb to them or be strong. When you said your mind, body, and spirit belong to ME and you were not happy with your life as it is… you surrendered. You gave up, but I did not give up on you. I will never bring you more than you can bear, but on the average most men do not learn by mere reading or talking… they have to experience to remember true wisdom.

Once you have surrendered to me and decide that your path is one of spirit, then every time things don’t go well, it becomes much harder for you because you want peace. You no longer want ego watching over you and controlling your every move. You have done this for years and are tired of pride controlling your every move. Sooner or later you will get tired of it all in general, and will no longer want ego running the show. And that’s exactly when you are open to learning something new. “I”— need nothing, and the only thing I desire is to see you brimming with love and wisdom. Full of joy and contentment for what you have, desiring nothing and truly being at peace.

For when you are finally unruffled and totally balanced in mind and spirit with great peace, able to face all rejection, joy, pain, suffering, pleasure, and love with an intellect that is not consumed by all of this… then you are on your way towards finding bliss. Remember before you utter words that can hurt reflect and question— will this cause suffering, will this hurt anyone, is this important to say, or is it better to allow the beauty of silence to fill the room.

Yes there is injustice in the world, disease, suffering and so much more, and it’s normal for you to be moved by all of this and want to help. It is your feelings deep down inside of passion to help others, which creates all the power you need to be determined and dedicated to the task of helping those who are less fortunate. And if you are not moved, then there is no love in your heart, and thus I cannot fill your heart with love. There is only room for one in your heart, it’s either ME or the lack of love which is the opposite of Me. And when you despise or hate mankind it’s the same as not loving ME, for I am all of creation, and I live in everyone and everything… I am the animator of all life.

Serve your fellow man with love, serve him with joy, serve him with respect and always allow everyone to feel embraced by your love. This does not mean that life will be easy, there are many lessons to be learned, and the hard nature of life is to drive man inward towards his center… instead of outward. Once man has had his fill of all that the world has to offer, he will come unto Me and I will be waiting with loving arms. For when man goes inward, he does find everything, absolutely everything is accessible from within. And everything changes when we look within, and start to make changes in our life. Fulfillment can never be found out there… only from within.

People have pain as long as they have desires and attachments to the world and all the forms that “I” have created. The only relief from all of this pain and suffering is to let go of ego and allow all the duality of pain, suffering, joy, grief and all the rest to be known as conditioning that you have embrace. It’s time to let go of that conditioning, time to let go of all desires, time to let go of the 5 senses which keeps you bound to the world.

I knew that sooner or later you would get tired of all the pain and suffering and come unto ME. Remember that all hope, all despair, and everything of the earthly plain are beyond what you can be. In the Cosmos, the Universe, God goes beyond all of that… into a larger realm that flows in all directions at the same time. Great Creator flows in the moment, in the here-and-now, there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, and the only time that anything can be created is now. And thus it’s up to you to take hold of this moment, and let go of despair, and create love, for love is the glue which holds the universe together.

Remember come unto me as a child. Little babies do not have or make definitive answers to anything, they flow with what they have right now, the only thing they know… is that love is the only thing that’s important. Let go of fixations, let go of conclusions, let go of answers to anything and know that everything is in a state of flux… and that everything can be anything at any time. Remember all things are possible, just come unto me (God).

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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