“How to Be at Peace with Contradictions”

The world is full of contradictions, whatever we focus on sooner or later some one will say it’s false. That is the nature of the world, and those who seek enlightenment are pushed here and there with endless contradictions until they find what they are looking for, and then nothing shakes them from their foundation.


If we drive a car any point on the edge of the tires will move a considerable distance for a given amount of time. But the center of the wheel itself moves very little. Man is like a tire, moving over thorns, rocky roads, deep holes and much more, always moving through rough terrain. He could do all of this from the center of the wheel centered in his beliefs. People need to experience in order to learn and gain wisdom. Without the great upheavals in life man becomes stagnant.

What is more important is to learn to control the mind, thus not allowing the rough terrain to take over and spawn conflict. We are bundles of desires and those desires create conflict, thus creating the need for this and that. Even when times are hard, it’s very possible to be at ease if one becomes the watcher. Looking at everything and not allowing the mind to jump in and create duality. It’s more important to watch the mind and notice what it’s doing more than anything else. Notice thoughts of fear and label them as thoughts of fear, notice thoughts of peace and label them as thoughts of peace. Do not allow the turmoil of the mind to take over, thus allowing worry and constant struggle to afflict the body with indignation and disease.

Watch the mind from the third party perspective, see the mind doing summersaults, and notice how it squirms and turns. While all of this apparent craziness is taking place in the mind, those that decided to be the hub of the wheel are not affected. Thus contentment surrounds those who look for enlightenment. Let go of thoughts of seeking, center on the one noticed in the mirror, who is that person? The question to be asked is “Who AM I”, bear this in mind at all times will keep the world at bay. Maya (The World) has never brought anyone even a tiniest bit of bliss.

Let go of judging the one we see in the mirror by the yardstick of Maya. Because the whims of the world change and what was good one day will be bad the next. Flow like water, let go of all rigid thinking, and allow love to spread like wild fire through the mind and body. Remember that the ether (Space) which surrounds everything is never perturbed or upset. The ether does what it needs to do, and thus it’s always at peace.

Remember that restlessness of the mind is neither good nor bad, it’s only our reactions to that restlessness that drives us crazy. Like a mighty wave from a vast ocean restlessness rises up and soon falls, we are the ocean, and thoughts will come and go, it’s natural. It’s only when we concern ourselves with any particular wave (Thought) that we become encumbered and weary. Only the ocean is important, not all the waves that come and go. Success is contentment no matter how many waves appear and disappear, and failure is impossible if the ocean is calm below. It’s willpower that makes a man more of who he is, for willpower allows one to not be effected by the waves. Thus sooner or later the wisdom of the ocean arises… and joy bellows forth from the abyss.

Everyone is part of the great vastness of the ocean… if they so choose. Or they can be just be the wave and concern themselves with all those things of Maya (The World). Many have come and gone trying to find peace with the waves, but no one has ever succeeded. Think of the body and mind as a lifeboat floating along, and waves come and waves go, but the lifeboat is still there. The waves are made up of pride, ego, envy, greed, the need for power, and wanting everyone to like who we are. Let go of the waves, be at peace, be the lifeboat, be at one with the ocean, and sooner or later the lifeboat will dissolve away, and the oneness of everything will take over and create boundless love.

Bear witness to all the waves, notice all of the waves, but take hold of none, hold fast to nothing. And let go of all thoughts about rules of thinking, they too have been put there to create anxiety. Remember divinity assumes nothing, needs nothing, wants nothing, and seeks nothing… thus true bliss resides for all eternity.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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